5 best GTA 6 gameplay leaks revealed to date

5 best GTA 6 gameplay leaks revealed to date

5 best GTA 6 gameplay leaks revealed to date

Looking at the best GTA 6 leaks over the years (Images via GTA RP Servers)

There have been several leaks and speculations concerning GTA 6, and the hype for the game does not appear to be ending anytime soon. These leaks are of a varying nature, with some being highly exciting, others being baffling, and the third kind being completely illogical.

This article will try to collect all the best leaks that are related to the gameplay of GTA 6 and explore why it makes sense to have them in the upcoming title.

5 best GTA 6 gameplay leaks revealed to date

The best GTA 6 gameplay leaks that have come out over the years

5) Destructible Environment

This leak was discovered when Rockstar Games released a listing for VFX artists who are specifically well-versed in “large-scale destruction” and complex visual details. This pointed towards the rumor that the world of GTA 6 is going to be heavily immersed in destructive elements.

Previous GTA games have given players many chances to destroy their surroundings, but if this leaks turns out to be true, Rockstar Games will be scaling up the game’s interactivity to the next level. With all the advancements in gaming technology, there is a high probability of this leak actually happening.

4) Cryptocurrency

The leak was brought to the fore by popular GTA leaker Tom Henderson and many others, who spoke about how cryptocurrency might be included in the in-game economy, similar to how Rockstar Games incorporated stocks in GTA 5.

This makes sense as cryptocurrencies have seen a recent boom in popularity. It also made a huge impact on popular culture. Thus, Rockstar Games can use cryptocurrency as some kind of satirical joke or even as a genuine way to earn money in the upcoming game.

Most of the previous games in this series have always commented on the current state of the world in one way or another. Thus, not including cryptocurrency would be an out-of-the-norm practice for them.

3) Mulitple cities

Another leak that has a significant probability of coming true is the inclusion of an evolving map. The map will update and add new areas on a regular basis. This could even extend to introducing new cities for players to explore.

Traveling is a huge part of GTA games, so the ability to move to different cities will guarantee that the players remain hooked to the upcoming title, as there will always be something new to experience.

This might be really hard to do for Rockstar Games as they are probably already working on a huge map. But once again, if this leak comes true, no one is going to complain.

2) Two playable characters

The leak has been floating in the GTA community for a while now, but after the recent Bloomberg Report on the upcoming title, everyone has started to accept its authenticity. Many players now believe that Rockstar Games’ new title will only have two playable characters.

This makes sense because many fans were disappointed when they got to play Grand Theft Auto 5. The three-character mechanic was heavily panned. In any case, two playable characters can be a lot of fun to play and will not fatigue players with too many narratives.

1) Advance NPC AI

Players got to know about GTA 6’s Advance NPC AI when Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, patented a new NPC technology. Many players believe that this was done specifically for Grand Theft Auto 6, and players are going to experience really advanced NPC AI.

Players also speculate that NPCs will be coded in such a way that they will be almost self-aware. This is another leak that many players feel might come true as Rockstar Games has shown how responsive and memorable their NPCs are. Thus, it makes sense for them to take NPC technology to the next level with the upcoming title.

5 best GTA 6 gameplay leaks revealed to date

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