5 best GTA RP servers like NoPixel to join in 2023

5 best GTA RP servers like NoPixel to join in 2023: While NoPixel remains a favored choice, roleplayers should also consider different GTA 5 RP servers.

5 best GTA 5 RP servers like NoPixel

There are many alternative GTA 5 RP servers to NoPixel 3.0 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

NoPixel is one of the most recognizable GTA 5 RP servers. Many popular streamers can be found there, including Summit1g. However, the waiting list is rather long.

It can take months to get whitelisted, so roleplayers need to think about alternative servers. The good news is there is plenty.

Players want an interactive story experience with those like them. These GTA 5 RP servers can serve the same purpose as NoPixel, with some being around long.

It’s always good to explore options, and users might just find what they are looking for in these GTA 5 RP servers.

Top five alternative best GTA RP servers like NoPixel

5) The Family RP

Beginners will be given a character passport for this GTA 5 RP server, which mainly focuses on natural realism. It’s not particularly outlandish like NoPixel. However, it does provide gamers with plenty of activity.

They can choose between civilian and criminal jobs and roleplay as police officers, which is reasonably popular in the community.

5 best GTA 5 RP servers like NoPixel

4) Lucid City RP

This server heavily relies on content creators and the community at large. They aim to bring high-quality immersion and interactive stories. As a result, they strictly enforce their rules. They want to limit the amount of potential harassment that GTA 5 RP servers regularly face.

Whitelisted servers are recommended for the best experience.

5 best GTA 5 RP servers like NoPixel

3) GTA World

Unlike NoPixel and other GTA 5 RP servers, GTA RP World Server one is heavily based on text. However, it still retains similar features. Players can run businesses, own properties, and join criminal gangs.

The development team prides itself in creating a dynamic server. Rage MP is used to reduce lag and sync issues, and there is no pay-to-win. Donations are accepted, but it doesn’t define the server. By comparison, the Grizzley Gaming server demands upfront payment. This is one of the friendlier GTA 5 RP servers.

2) Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP embraces voice chat and texting to communicate with players. Like NoPixel, it often deals with gang warfare between various criminals. Sometimes even the cops get involved.

Eclipse RP uses advanced scripts for various features, including owning pets and running a business.

1) Mafia City RP

Mafia City RP claims to redefine GTA 5 RP servers. It offers dynamic animations so gamers can immerse themselves. For example, they can do push-ups at the beach or dance to the beat of the music.

As usual, users can decide whether they want to be a cop, a criminal, or a civilian. The choice is up to them. Several hundred players can occupy a single lobby, allowing for more interaction between players.

While not as popular as NoPixel, Mafia City RP retains a loyal fanbase.

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5 best GTA RP servers like NoPixel to join in 2023

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