5 best GTA RP servers worth joining in 2022

5 best GTA RP servers worth joining in 2022

5 best GTA RP servers worth joining in 2022

Best GTA RP servers worth joining in 2022 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 has emerged as one of the most popular games and fans are still crazy about it. Along with the two modes that Rockstar created, the modding community has created a GTA RP mod that enhances the gameplay experience.

Roleplay mod allows players to live a normal life as an NPC in the game and complete tasks that are necessary for the server to function. Their actions affect the entire server and the NPCs.

A bunch of RP servers are currently available. However, getting into them is not very easy. It takes plenty of time and players need to wait in queues to join them. This article provides the five best GTA RP servers that are worth joining in 2022.

5 popular GTA RP servers to join in 2022

5) Beacon RP

Formerly known as Family RP, Beacon RP is one of the best servers to join for new GTA RP players. It has a little less traffic than other RP servers. But getting approval from the admins is still a tough job on this server.

For gamers who are more interested in the role-playing component, it offers a bunch of possibilities. This server is totally focused on the role-playing aspect and offers a peaceful gaming experience. Some popular characters available on this server are Theodora Quinn, Marcella Diaz, Keshawn Sanders, and more.

4) MafiaCity RP

MafiaCity offers two sides to society: legal and illegal. Players are divided into two primary groups to perform their tasks in the game. The server also offers customizable player businesses and corporations. Every property in the game is available to buy as well.

On this server, players can be anything from a notorious criminal or a cop to a star mechanic at Los Santos Customs. The server is hosted on Rage-mode and does not have any NPCs. This has been done to ensure greater player participation and create a more immersive RP environment.

best GTA RP servers worth joining in 2022

3) GTA World RP

GTA World This RP server is for those GTA players who do not want to verbally talk to strangers and still want to enjoy RP games. The server uses a text-based communication system to operate. Just like other mod servers, this one also has a sign-up process, and the website claims that there are presently 500 members.

Players are not allowed to powergame, metagame, or do anything else that would classify as FailRP on the server. Any aspiring player can check their official website and forum before joining.

2) Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is a relatively new server on the list of GTA RP servers. It promotes a peaceful gameplay experience among the members. Players are expected to behave as if they are playing as themselves in the real world.

They are forbidden to do things like harassing NPCs or other players, hacking or cheating, and trolling. No racism or hate speech is allowed. Impersonating Staff members and advertising is also prohibited in the game.

One can also take part in mechanics, emergency services, police, downtown cab drivers, and many more government and non-government factions.

1) NoPixel

The NoPixel server has been around since 2014 and is one of the most popular RP servers. Unlike other servers, it runs on a third-party multiplayer server system called FiveM.

Being one of the first ever RP servers, there is a never-ending demand, with the joining process also being very lengthy. Players are offered around 200 server spots on NoPixel, but it supports only 32 players at a time. Popular streamers like xQc, Sykkuno, and Summit1g are some regular members of this community.

The popularity of this server is so massive that many players want to join and try the game whenever new updates are released. The release of the NoPixel 3.0 update made GTA RP the most-watched title on Twitch.

5 best GTA RP servers worth joining in 2022

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