5 characters that may not return for GTA 6

5 characters that may not return for GTA 6

5 characters that may not return for GTA 6

5 characters that may not return for GTA 6 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 6 is still under development, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t speculate about the characters that might show up in it. Rockstar Games is known for having characters return from previous games. The most notable example involves all the GTA 4 characters that appeared in the fifth offering, despite both titles being set in different locations.

Unless the developers use a separate continuity, GTA 6 will likely follow the tradition set by its predecessors. It’s hard to believe that Rockstar would change this formula. Of course, there are a few circumstances that may prevent certain characters from showing up again.

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GTA 6 is unlikely to have the following characters return

5) Simeon Yetarian

Simeon is a sleazy car salesman with several prominent roles in GTA 5 and GTA Online. He runs the Premium Deluxe Motorsport in San Andreas. Regardless of whether or not the next title is set in Vice City, it’s unlikely that Rockstar will revisit Los Santos for a while; players have been desperately asking for a new location for several years now.

Unless he decides to move away from his profitable business, it’s unlikely that Simeon will leave the Los Santos area. He prefers the liberal climate, so he can pull the race card to defend his shady practices.

5 characters that may not return for GTA 6

4) Gerald

GTA Online players may remember Gerald. He is a member of the Families, a local street gang based in Los Santos. His entire business model is dependent on this particular region, while someone like Lamar Davis could easily relocate with his LD Organics product. Lamar is also popular enough to make a grand return in GTA 6. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Gerald and his missions.

3) Lazlow

Lazlow Jones has made several appearances in the GTA series. He pokes fun at himself by playing a pitiful radio and television host. Behind the scenes, he also wrote and produced many titles.

However, the long-time veteran left Rockstar Games back in April 2020. His company now works for Disney and Netflix, and Lazlow has certainly kept himself busy over the past few years. That’s not to say he can’t make a cameo appearance in GTA 6. It really depends on his ongoing projects. Rockstar is also a very different company at this point and time.

2) Nico Bellic

This main protagonist hasn’t been heard from since GTA 4. Most characters presume he is already dead by now. But several fans certainly would love to see him make a comeback in GTA 6.

Niko Bellic has always been popular for his wit, combat prowess, and tragic backstory. Unfortunately, his return is very unlikely for one simple reason. Voice actor Michael Hollick believes that he wasn’t compensated fairly by Rockstar Games. He didn’t bother returning for the GTA 4 DLC episodes, either. This is why it’s very unlikely that the developers would bring Niko back without his original voice.

1) Tommy Vercetti

Based on rumors and leaks, many fans seem to believe that GTA 6 will take place in Vice City. This is where Tommy Vercetti ruled the roost back in the 3D Universe. Fans loved this ruthless gangster for his sardonic humor.

There is precedence for 3D Universe characters to hop over to the HD Universe, such as the Love Fist band in GTA 5. However, it doesn’t really matter since voice actor Ray Liotta had financial disputes with Rockstar Games. He also tragically passed away in May 2022. Rockstar will likely pay its respects by not including Tommy Vercetti in GTA 6.

5 characters that may not return for GTA 6

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