5 easy to play GTA RP servers for beginners in 2024

5 easy to play GTA RP servers for beginners in 2024

5 easy to play GTA RP servers for beginners in 2024

Five best GTA RP servers for new players (Image via GTA Series Arcade RP)

GTA RP has garnered immense popularity among PC gaming enthusiasts, attracting a wave of newcomers eager to delve into the experience, especially since Rockstar Games acquired one of its major server hosts. However, for those new to the scene, navigating the process can be a bit daunting. Joining top RP servers entails adhering to specific rules and procedures, presenting a challenge for beginners aiming to become members.

However, other best roleplaying servers are great for new players to begin their journey. This article lists five of the best and easiest GTA 5 RP servers where new players can join in 2024.

5 easy to play GTA RP servers for beginners in 2024

Five beginner-friendly GTA RP servers to join in 2024

1) Franklin’s World RP

Franklin’s World RP is one of the newest and most popular GTA RP servers in 2024. It was launched by Grand Theft Auto 5’s Franklin Clinton’s voice actor, Shawn Fonteno. The server opened to the public in December 2023, and every new and experienced player can now join it. The admission process starts by joining the server’s discord channel and applying for a role.

You can buy either of the two whitelist packages, Instant Whitelist and Whitelist App, which cost $25 and $10 US, respectively. After that, the moderators will review your application, and you should be given admission after some time. The most exciting thing about this server is that you can occasionally find Shawn Fonteno playing as Franklin.

2) GTA Series Arcade

This one is also one of the newest Grand Theft Auto 5 RP servers that became popular among first-time RP players. While most other Roleplaying servers offer a sandbox environment replicating the real world, the GTA Series Arcade RP allows you to play various arcade-style games.

The server has various mini-games and races that keep you engaged for hours. The developer also included a Content Creator tool through which you can create custom races and arcade games using the map of the state of San Andreas and Cayo Perico.

3) BlueBird RP

BlueBird RP is a global server based in Australia. However, it is one of the best GTA RP servers for beginners, as it is open to all players worldwide. The server is based on the FiveM framework. Therefore, you must have it installed to access the gameplay.

According to BlueBird RP’s official website, players can roleplay as civilians, cops, firefighters, paramedics, and many other jobs that are whitelisted by the server. However, before applying, you must check and follow all 26 rules and regulations mentioned by the moderators.

4) EchoRP

EchoRP is a great roleplaying server where the developer offers a balanced economy for players to thrive. Unlike the official multiplayer game, the prices of commodities in the EchoRP server are lower, and players have to rely on cheats such as Grand Theft Auto Online money glitches to survive. Therefore, it is very popular among new players as you typically do not have much money initially.

Along with the balanced in-game economy, the popular GTA 5 RP offers unique clothing, realistic vehicle handling, custom scripts, and many more features. Currently, the server has over 45,000 global members. You can apply for a role by joining the server’s Discord channel.

5) TwitchRP

TwitchRP offers one of the best roleplaying experiences for every new and old player. As the name implies, the server is mostly dominated by Twitch users who help the in-game world to operate. It is one of the most fun GTA 5 RP servers to join in 2024.

The developer recently made some changes to the server and introduced new features for all members. You can join multiple organizations, buy new housing properties, drive new vehicles, draw graffiti, and do many other things. However, you must have a licensed copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 on Steam to join the server.

5 easy to play GTA RP servers for beginners in 2024

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