5 entertaining GTA 5 RP servers worth exploring in 2023

Check out these 5 entertaining GTA 5 RP servers worth exploring in 2023

5 entertaining GTA 5 RP servers worth exploring in 2023

5 entertaining GTA 5 RP servers worth exploring in 2023 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Even in 2023, the GTA 5 RP server community is thriving, offering endless opportunities for players to have fun. This guide presents a range of options for those who may still be undecided on which server to try.

From well-known picks to lesser-known gems, this list covers both FiveM and RAGE MP servers that cater to diverse interests. Rest assured that all five entries are popular and enjoyable in their own unique ways.”

Five GTA 5 RP servers you should play in 2023

1) NoPixel

NoPixel 3.0

NoPixel 3.0 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

First on the list is the most obvious and widely recognized option: NoPixel. As the most popular English-speaking GTA 5 RP server, it’s the go-to choice for those seeking a bustling and well-established community.

Notably, NoPixel has attracted some of the biggest names in streaming, including xQc, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae.

The server also receives regular updates, and the highly-anticipated NoPixel 4.0 is on the horizon. For those interested in the game’s rich lore, the NoPixel Wiki is an invaluable resource worth checking out.”

2) Grand Roleplay

Grand Roleplay

Grand Roleplay (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Grand Roleplay is a highly sought-after RAGE MP GTA 5 RP server and often tops the English servers list on the RAGE Masterlist.

However, for those who prefer to play in a language other than English, Grand Roleplay offers servers in several other languages, including German, Serbian, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

With thousands of players from all over, Grand Roleplay boasts a diverse community, as well as a range of gangs, businesses, cars, and events that keep its playerbase engaged and entertained.”

3) Eclipse RP

While it may not be a massive server, this GTA 5 RP community is vibrant and boasts a welcoming community. Despite its size, it includes all of the essential features that make it a reliable choice for anyone looking for a genuine roleplaying experience.

Joining Eclipse RP is free, but it requires passing a simple quiz, which includes answers found in the forum’s ‘Rules’ section.

Although it involves some grinding, this is a positive aspect for those who appreciate realism in their gameplay. Moreover, with over 200 players on the server at any given time, and a maximum capacity of 1,000, Eclipse RP is a bustling and growing community.

Additionally, Eclipse RP offers exciting features such as factions, buildings, and robberies to keep its players engaged and entertained.

4) Twitch RP

Twitch RP

Twitch RP (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Thanks to platforms like Twitch, GTA 5 RP servers have surged in popularity. Among them is Twitch RP, named after the streaming website, but what sets it apart is that it isn’t exclusively limited to Grand Theft Auto V. Fans of Rockstar games may also enjoy Red Dead Roleplay on this server.

While the police are a significant component of Twitch RP, players can explore various other occupations, such as:

  • Recycling
  • Delivery
  • Mechanic
  • Car Dealer
  • Judge
  • Fisherman
  • Miner

There are also 500 different furniture pieces to help make your home feel more customized compared to what other servers might offer.

5 entertaining GTA 5 RP servers worth exploring in 2023

5) Bandit RP


If you explore FiveM servers on the official website, you may stumble upon Bandit RP, which attracts hundreds of players regularly and prioritizes semi-serious roleplaying.

This server features plenty of gang violence, making it an excellent choice for groups of friends seeking an exciting experience. However, it’s worth noting that some microtransactions are present, which might not appeal to free-to-play players.

Those who are willing to spend some money, on the other hand, can benefit from additional features, such as a paid unban. Nonetheless, Bandit RP is an ideal option for those who want a more relaxed and entertaining experience.

Check out these 5 entertaining GTA 5 RP servers worth exploring in 2023

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