5 features fans should expect from GTA 6

5 features fans should expect from GTA 6

5 features fans should expect from GTA 6

5 things probably happening in GTA 6 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The hype and enthusiasm surrounding the GTA series is not a new phenomenon. Now that the new title in Rockstar’s series is underway, the enthusiasm has returned with full force, and players are eager to see what the developers have in store for them.

With the bar having been set too high by its predecessor released almost a decade ago, the expectations for the new title are almost sky-high.

Aside from waiting for the launch date, players are passing the time by engaging in discussions, speculation, and scuttlebutts on various platforms. There is a lot to expect from the developers, and they indeed have quite a few improvements to make in the upcoming title.

With that being said, let’s learn about five improvements players can expect from the upcoming GTA 6.

5 features fans should expect from GTA 6

5 interesting features that should be a core part of GTA 6

1) Based in Vice City or Brazil

There are a lot of rumors doing the rounds on different social media platforms surrounding different aspects of GTA 6’s location and map. Most eagle-eyed fans are divided in their opinions regarding a lot of things, except that of the location, Vice City.

Vice City is a very popular location among the GTA fan base, and is inspired by the real-life city of Miami, Florida. It was last seen in 2006’s GTA Vice City Stories, and ever since then, the location has held a sense of nostalgia for the players.

However, recent leaks also hint that Brazil could also be featured as a potential location for the upcoming iteration. Keeping that in mind, it can be expected that players might get to explore an entirely new location in GTA 6.

2) A modern setting

Tom Henderson, a famous reporter, and Matheus Victor, a Brazilian leaker, have both hinted at the fact that the upcoming title will be set in the modern world. With the previous title having been set in a relatively modern setting, the developers can conveniently be expected to choose a more recent year to base the story in.

However, there are conflicting expectations about the setting since some players also seem to want to go back to the 80s esthetics and intricacies of Vice City. But having said that, it is only logical to expect a modern world that will be filled to the brim with modern problems.

3) A male and a female protagonist

Another of Matheus Victor’s leaks suggested that the upcoming title may feature two playable characters, a male and a female, who will probably be a brother-sister duo. They might have a tragic backstory of having been separated from each other following the death of their parents.

The story may allegedly explore their past and reunite them as adults in the present day. There are a lot of things that players expect from the protagonists of GTA 6, and the developers will certainly try to go for as much depth as they can.

4) Experimenting with technology

The world has moved forward with leaps and bounds since the release of the last iteration, and so has technology. Rockstar has been inspired by a lot of things including science and technology that can be adopted in GTA 6.

It would be no surprise to see the coding giants go overboard with gameplay, player controls, and vehicles in the upcoming title. Players can also expect the popular jetpack to make a comeback, which would be a cool addition to the modern in-game elements.

5) Radio stations

According to another of Matheus Victor’s leaks, he claimed to have discovered some radio stations that could feature in the upcoming title; it seems players have some 80s and 90s radio stations to look forward to.

Reportedly, there may also be some tracks that will run on the radio stations, including the most popular songs, Numb by Rihana, Odessa by Caribou, Domino Dancing by Pet Shop Boys, and Nonsense Youth by Santigold.

Although Victor did not disclose the sources of his information, it seems likely that Rockstar will include these popular tracks to the radio stations.

Given the success of the last title and the numerous accolades that it has acquired over the years, there is a lot that the developers have to do to meet the expectations of the players.

With Grand Theft Auto 6 almost on the horizon, we can only wait and see what Rockstar has up its sleeves with the new title. Till then, players are advised to take these leaks with a pinch of salt and wait for an official announcement from Rockstar.

5 features fans should expect from GTA 6

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