5 GTA 5 mods that completely transform the game

5 GTA 5 mods that completely transform the game

5 GTA 5 mods that completely transform the game

Some GTA 5 mods can completely overhaul the game and make it new again (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 has been around for the better part of a decade and Online has kept it alive. However, many new players came into the game via the Expanded and Enhanced update and some of them will be playing the story for the very first time.

This has some old fans feeling jealous as experiencing GTA 5 for the first time is very exhilarating.

That being said, mods can alter the game drastically and create a new tailored experience at any time. This article lists a few mods that will make gamers want to switch to Story mode immediately.

GTA 5 mods

5 GTA 5 mods that will make Story mode feel brand new

5) Gravity Gun

Thanks to GTA Online, the game has a bunch of new weapons that also include some from the alien armory. However, gamers cannot use these guns in the single-player campaign.

The only way to introduce new weapons into Story ode is by using mods. Players can choose from a slew of them that are available online, but only a few can match up to the Gravity Gun mod by MatriZ.

The said weapon is a callback to the Half-Life franchise and can be used just like any other weapon in the game. Players can equip the gun and press “E” on the keyboard to lift any vehicle/person into the air. Once lifted, gamers can choose to either shoot them off into the distance or place them elsewhere.

This gun is also incredibly useful for players who are interested in creating cinematics or images within the game.

4) Iron Man Armor

The climactic end of the previous MCU phase left many fans heartbroken. The end of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man is a fate not many want to accept.

That said, gamers never really got a great Iron Man game to relive Tony Stark’s best adventures. Well, with the GTA V – Ironman Mark III Armor mod by JulioNIB, players need not look any further.

It brings in the OG Mark 3 armor from Tony’s collection into Los Santos. Not only does this suit do absolute justice to Downey’s best suit, it is also fully functional. Players can take to the skies in an instant and also use the missiles and repulsor blasters.

GTA 5 mods

3) Open All Interiors

GTA 5’s large open world amazed everyone upon release. However, Los Santos and Blaine County soon lost their charm once players figured out how inaccessible everything was.

The Open All Interiors mod by NewTheft does exactly what it says — it makes almost all the buildings in the game accessible. A lot of effort has gone into this as even the doors are fully fuctional and players do not have to see their character phase through surfaces. Some buildings even have NPCs inside them.

All the buildings are marked on the map, and can be toggled on and off with the press of a button. The mod opens up establishments like LifeInvader Offices, Lazlow’s Stadium, FIB building, and Lester’s Sweatshop, among others.

2) Complex Control

Battle royale games have taken over the gaming space for quite some time. Titles like Fortnite, PUBG, and Warzone have amassed an incredible number of fans within a short span of time.

Deverloper THEAETIK has ensured that GTA 5 players do not miss out on the fun and has thus created a mod called Complex Control.

Playing as avatars tasked with a specific mission, gamers will have to be the last person standing to win a match. This is a strict single-player mod with no intentions for a multiplayer mode. Players will spawn with a random kit of abilities each time, and at random locations as well. Not using the blink teleportation ability will make winning very difficult.

1) Redux

Created by Josh Romito and now managed by Daniel Gibbs (after the former’s exit), GTA 5’s Redux mod is one of the most popular variants to ever exist. A reshade mod may sound ordinary, but Redux far from it.

The game was released in 2013 and was way ahead of its time in terms of graphical quality. Now, however, the shortcomings are glaring and newer games that use improved technology, look way better.

The Redux mod puts GTA 5 back on the map and makes sure it stands up to the challenges presented by more recent games. The mod features tons of reshades to choose from, and also lets users create and customize their own presets.

The mods mentioned above are strictly for the single-player campaign and using them in GTA Online may result in a ban.

Grand Theft Auto’s modding community is very active as new mods are created almost daily. There are many more awesome mods to choose from, but these are truly transformative.

5 GTA 5 mods that completely transform the game

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