5 GTA Online businesses that should return in GTA 6’s single-player story

5 GTA Online businesses that should return in GTA 6’s single-player story

5 GTA Online businesses that should return in GTA 6’s single-player story

5 GTA Online businesses that should return in GTA 6’s single-player story (Image via GTA RP Servers)

While some opinions on GTA Online might be mixed, the game had several businesses that would be great to see in GTA 6. More specifically, several properties could fit well with the usual single-player experience.

It is worth mentioning that nothing has been confirmed for GTA 6 at the moment. Not even the title of the next Grand Theft Auto game has been announced. Everything down below is essentially a listicle to explore what could arrive in the game.

Five businesses from GTA Online that should be properties in GTA 6

5) Gunrunner (Bunkers)

Gunrunner (Bunkers)

Gunrunner (Bunkers) (Image via Rockstar Games)

A gun-running business is a believable option for criminals to get into, especially since it’s been something seen in past games to some degree. Old-school characters like Phil Cassidy had heavy involvement in this type of business, meaning that a new GTA 6 character could believably do it too.

The idea of researching new vehicles and weapon upgrades is also pretty cool. Other businesses tend to be associated solely with moneymakers. Hence, having useful benefits past how much cash a player could earn makes GTA Online’s Bunker a good example of something that should return.

4) Smugglers (Hangars)

Smugglers (Hangars)

Smugglers (Hangars) (Image via Rockstar Games)

Although Hangars aren’t as good as they should be in GTA Online, the concept behind the business is still intriguing. GTA San Andreas showed that Hangars could work in a single-player game, as Verdant Meadows Airfield was a massive property capable of storing planes and generating good daily income.

One can assume that GTA 6 is going to have a huge map, so anything that could allow players to store aircraft and call for it would be greatly appreciated. Plus, customizing aircraft tends to be rather rare in this series.

3) Auto Shop Service (Auto Shop)

Auto Shop Service (Auto Shop)

Auto Shop Service (Auto Shop) (Image via Rockstar Games)

One of the best aspects of GTA Online involves vehicle customization. The idea of running a business related to servicing other people’s vehicles is pretty simple. This type of property has also been seen in several other single-player games in the series, such as:

  • Sunshine Autos
  • Doherty Garage
  • Capital Autos

It’s fair to expect some type of Auto Shop in GTA 6, although whether the player can own it or not is a different question.

2) Bikers (Clubhouses)

Bikers (Clubhouses)

Bikers (Clubhouses) (Image via Rockstar Games)

Bikers are commonly seen in the Grand Theft Auto series, so it wouldn’t be too farfetched if Clubhouses returned as a buyable business in GTA 6. Whether every related MC Business should return is a different story.

Nonetheless, customizing motorcycles and doing biker activities is a pretty cool concept that wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask for in another game. At the very least, the idea of customizing a client’s bike and delivering it to them would be neat to see.

1) Nightclub Owner (Nightclubs)

Nightclub Owner (Nightclubs)

Nightclub Owner (Nightclubs) (Image via Rockstar Games)

Several Grand Theft Auto games have focused on Nightclubs in the past, most notably Vice City and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Hence, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that this business could return in GTA 6 based on past precedence.

The idea of running a Nightclub also seems like it would be easier to incorporate than some of the other options, especially if the rumors of GTA 6 taking place in Vice City are true.

The way this business ran in GTA Online would also transition very well into a single-player game since the act of collecting daily income has been done in previous titles within the series.

5 GTA Online businesses that should return in GTA 6’s single-player story

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