5 GTA Online features that fans don’t want to see in GTA 6

5 GTA Online features that fans don’t want to see in GTA 6

5 GTA Online features that fans don't want to see in GTA 6

GTA 6 can do a lot to improve over the current game (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 6 is around the corner, and fans can’t wait for the game to drop. That being said, Rockstar Games has had almost a decade to make this game, and players would like to see a few necessary changes being made to the multiplayer mode.

All these years under the spotlight have made GTA Online’s shortcomings glaringly visible. This article discusses a few features the next title can avoid, given the bad taste these have left in gamers’ mouths.

Five Online features fans do not want in GTA 6

5) Constant phone calls and emails

GTA Online has been around for the better part of a decade, and fans can agree on this point. As soon as users log into the game, there are numerous texts, emails, and phone calls that do nothing other than irritate them.

Most are marketing calls designed to push players to buy specific properties, vehicles, etc. This gets more annoying after an update drops.

The most annoying facet of this problem is that these calls hinder the gameplay. All the spam covers up the screen, be it calls, texts, emails, or in-game news notifications.

Additionally, they handicap users by blocking essential functions like running, jumping, deploying a parachute, and lots more.

4) Big but empty map

GTA 5 and Online feature the largest open-world map the series has seen. Rockstar omitted the multi-city approach and featured one colossal city.

Los Santos and Blaine County feature two distinct areas, a busy city and an empty desert connected via highways.

Once gamers wander outside Los Santos, the vast emptiness is glaringly visible, as there are vast expanses of nothingness. Areas on the map are just filled with water or mountains.

This is also why fans feel the San Andreas map is larger than the current game.

3) Terrible police and wanted level system

GTA games are known for the freedom they allow players to exercise. A trendy thing they indulge in is messing with the police, which leads to some hilarious encounters.

The police department and its officers in Online are also very twisted as they only work on extremities. Sometimes, they attack and kill users for simple things like jumping, while other instances see the LSPD just not reacting to chaos.

The skewed wanted level system is also something gamers complain about as there is not much logic to it. Along with the AI for officers, it has changed with almost every title in the series. However, a perfect version does not exist even after all these years.

2) Shark Cards

GTA Online as a game sees millions of players compete to make the most money and advance their criminal empire. It has heists, contact missions, races, businesses, and other ways to make money.

But Rockstar still decided to offer users the option to buy in-game currency with real-world money, Shark Cards.

This is really silly for a paid game that also charges for next-gen ports. Granted, Shark Cards do sell lots, but they completely skew the game’s balance and make it less fun to play.

It is not that difficult to make money in the game as the developers constantly give out free money, offer bonus missions each week, and a lot more.

1) Griefer-friendly elements

The launch of vehicles like the Deluxo and Oppressor MK 2 was not appreciated by OG fans of the GTA series. Similarly, weapons like the Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker are also despised as they are highly griefer-friendly.

The title is not always about killing others, and it is about making money. Griefers existed before the Oppressor MK 2, but they were never as powerful. It’s like they rule all the lobbies now.

Fans of the series can’t wait for the new game to drop, but they also do not want a broken or unfinished product. That being said, listening to the community might help the developers, considering their recent track record.

5 GTA Online features that fans don’t want to see in GTA 6

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