5 GTA Online features that should return in GTA 6

5 GTA Online features that should return in GTA 6

5 GTA Online features that should return in GTA 6

More races would be nice to see in GTA 6 (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has been a huge success in many ways, so it would be reasonable for GTA 6 to borrow some of its `features. There is no shortage of fun, useful, or quality-of-life features that could return, yet it is also worth mentioning that there aren’t any leaks confirming the latter game’s gameplay.

Thus, all gamers can do is speculate and make simple wishlists to pass the time. Some features from GTA Online are bound to return in GTA 6, just as some features are bound to be dropped. Grand Theft Auto games tend to be very different from one another when it comes to individual features, which makes this type of discussion all the more interesting.

5 GTA Online features that should return in GTA 6

GTA Online’s character creator would be a welcome feature in GTA 6

5) Online multiplayer

Starting this list is an obvious but extremely popular aspect of GTA Online. Many gamers love the social interactions associated with multiplayer games, and it’s already clear that GTA Online was a massive success in this regard. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s certainly a strong blueprint that can easily be improved upon in GTA 6.

It won’t be a feature that die-hard single-player aficionados will care for, but it’s not as if they won’t have a single-player game to play instead of the online multiplayer option. This type of feature would presumably get regular updates based on how the previous game handled it, which could give the game an extra decade of fun for players to enjoy.

4) Transform Races

Transform Races is a unique concept that is a blast to play through in GTA Online. They’re basically races where the driver’s vehicle will transform into a different pre-determined one at various points in the race. Hence, these types of races never feel repetitive and are the most unique compared to their alternatives.

Many gamers love racing in the game, especially since the vehicle controls are arguably better than the on-foot ones. At the very least, it would be nice to see GTA 6 focus more on vehicles compared to past games in this regard.

3) Several useful phone numbers

Some of the latest games in the series have phone numbers that players can call, but a good deal of them aren’t useful. By comparison, GTA Online has several valuable numbers, such as:

  • Lester (includes a variety of features such as removing Wanted Levels)
  • Office Assistant (can recover Impounded cars)
  • Mechanic (can give players any car or motorcycle they own)

It would be ideal if GTA 6 primarily had genuinely helpful contacts and fewer filler ones that don’t do much for the player. After all, having more options to genuinely alter gameplay is hardly a bad thing.

5 GTA Online features that should return in GTA 6

2) Snow

A minor but incredibly cool aspect (no pun intended) of GTA Online is that the world map gets snow added all over around Christmas time. Some insignificant features like Snowballs are also available here, but the most important part of this feature is that past Grand Theft Auto games seldom had snow.

Ideally, GTA 6 would have a more dynamic weather system, which could include snow around December. Games like GTA San Andreas had internal calendars that players normally couldn’t see, not to mention several other games outside of the Grand Theft Auto series that can feel different depending on the real-life day.

1) Character creator

A far less likely option from GTA Online that would be great to see return in GTA 6 is the character creator. The former game’s character creator was simplistic, but other franchises like Saints Row have a detailed character creator that rewards creative players. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that Rockstar Games couldn’t possibly make this feature work if they tried to.

Just having the option to select between two genders and multiple skin colors would make the protagonist feel more personal than the usual characters that fans have gotten in the past.

5 GTA Online features that should return in GTA 6

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