5 GTA RP servers worth checking out in 2022

5 GTA RP servers worth checking out in 2022

5 GTA RP servers worth checking out in 2022

GTA RP has taken over and provided a lot of entertainment over the years (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Roleplaying in GTA has become very popular over the years and fans seem to enjoy not just playing it but also watching others play. There are specially modified servers made for gamers to enjoy an alternate life in Los Santos.

To play GTA RP, gamers first need to find and join a RP server. This may sound straight-forward, but it is far from it. The exponential growth in popularity for RP has led to the creation of multiple new servers all over the world.

These are all customized to provide different experiences, but some stand out from the crowd. This article attempts to list five of the best.

5 GTA RP servers worth checking out in 2022

5 GTA RP servers that will surly keep players entertained

5) Eclipse RP

GTA RP is all about immersion and only a few can stand toe-to-toe with the Eclipse servers in that regard. This is one of the best servers for players looking to have a more interactive and fun experience.

Eclispse RP is fairly young, as compared to some of the OG servers, but has gained popularity very quickly. Many players from all over the world flock to these servers as they provide a variety of unique experiences.

Eclipse RP has a set of ground rules that need to be followed at all times.

  • No hate speech
  • No racism
  • No cheating
  • No trolling
  • No harrassment
  • No hacking

Additionally, players are also not allowed to impersonate staff and/or advertise in any way, shape or form. If gamers are caught engaging in any of the activities mentioned above, they may face suspensions and bans from all Eclipse servers.

4) Mafia City RP

GTA RP has many shapes and forms and Mafia City is one of the most prominent ones. Boasting immense popularity and a healthy player base, these servers are known to provide a great RP experience.

These servers are best suited to players looking for a change from regular GTA content in terms of weapons. Mafia City offers a variety of different weapons from the base game that are also not far from reality. These servers are a great mix of customization and realism.

Some important rules to follow on a Mafia City server are:

  • Characters cannot be named after a public figure or comprise vulgarity from any language.
  • Names must always have first and last names and not be unimmersive.
  • No advertisements.
  • No spamming chat
  • No cop baiting

These servers also request gamers to actively report bugs to ensure a better experience in the future.

5 GTA RP servers worth checking out in 2022

3) NoPixel

NoPixel is one of the oldest GTA RP servers around and was established way back in 2014. That being said, they have probably had the most time to perfect their art.

The server is among the most well-known due to the never-ending list of popular streamers who play on it. The list includes names like xQc, Lirik, summit1g, zerkaa and others.

Some important pointers to keep in mind before joining NoPixel are:

  • Gamers must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
  • Realistic character names is a must, without breaking Terms of Service.
  • Being toxic or promoting toxicity on any platform (Twitch, Reddit, Discord and others) may lead to bans and suspensions from the community.
  • No baiting actions permitted.

Additionally, ther server also does not allow Meta and Power gaming.

2) Project Homecoming

Project Homecoming is a sure winner in the books of GTA fans who have long awaited the arrival of the so-called cops and robbers DLC. This server makes use of the popular LSPDFR mod for PC players.

The mod enables the servers to become a perfect mix of a GTA RP session and a police simulator. To promote realism, the server also lets players bail themselves out of jail and requires them to remain dead for an entire day if killed.

To encourage more roleplay, the server lets players complete tasks to advance their characters and use non-lethal forms whenever possible.

5 GTA RP servers worth checking out in 2022

1) DOJ Roleplay

The DOJ Roleplay servers have been around since the early days of GTA RP. That said, this server boasts some of the most serious RP but also doesn’t ignore the fun and craziness.

Being around for quite some time has led to many players joining these servers, however, not many can stick around owing to the strict rules of immersion first. Players can’t just go out guns blazing and kill everyone in sight. Instead, it has to be backed by proper RP, here moreso than anywhere else.

This is not a beginner-friendly server and is not suited to gamers looking to just try GTA RP for fun. That said, mods do organize events that are a lot of fun.

5 GTA RP servers worth checking out in 2022

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