5 GTA Vice City mods that players should try out in 2022

5 GTA Vice City mods that players should try out in 2022

5 GTA Vice City mods that players should try out in 2022

GTA Vice City mods in 2022 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA Vice City has always been a trip of nostalgia for the players. The retro vibes, music of the ’80s, and the beach-side driveways take the players to their golden times. For many, it was the first game they tried to install on their old desktop computers.

The nostalgia did not leave Vice City players to date. Hence, the gaming modding community is still very active. From making Tommy swim to being able to play with friends, modders have created some impressive mods that provide a fresh experience to the game.

These GTA Vice City mods provide a fresh experience

5) Frame Limit Adjuster

Released in 2002, Vice City advanced for its time in terms of graphics and gameplay. But it is not up to modern technological and graphical improvements standards. It is default locked to run at 30 frames per second, whereas modern gaming rigs can smoothly pull up to 120 fps in much heavier games.

Recognizing the need, modder ThirteenAG from GTAGarage created a patch that unlocks the default 30 fps limit. The game can utilize the computer’s full potential and scale the frames accordingly.

4) Swim Like San Andreas Mod + Parkour

Tommy Vercetti can do stunts, drive a rhino tank, and even carry heavy guns and weapons in his pocket. But one bizarre thing Tommy can’t do is swim. Players find it very frustrating to die whenever they go into the water.

So Jessenth from GTAinside created a mod that enables Tommy to swim like that of GTA San Andreas. It also enables the player to perform parkour stunts like cartwheels, backflips, etc.

3) Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

When it comes to vehicles, Vice City has some iconic vehicles in the series. But it is always exciting to get some more. A bunch of car mods provides a fresh new cruising experience in the game.

Modder ford1986 from GTAall developed a patch that brings the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 to the game, which is in its original form. The car looks stylish in its iconic race-yellow tone and is fascinating to drive around Vice City’s streets.

5 GTA Vice City mods that players should try out in 2022

2) First Person View

Grand Theft Auto 5 was the first GTA game to introduce a first-person viewing experience in the series. While the players were accustomed to the classic third-person viewing experience, the first-person view provided a more immersive experience.

Understanding the wonders of first-person mode, modder GeniusZ from GTAinside created a patch that enables players to explore Vice City in first-person. However, some visual glitches like twisted arms while driving a bike and no steering wheel movement, as Rockstar did not intend them for first-person.

1) Vice City: Multiplayer

Online multiplayer games are the future of gaming, and Rockstar interpreted that back in 2008 with the launch of GTA 4 Online. GTA Online is a popular multiplayer game with thousands of active players daily.

Understanding the emphasis of multiplayer games, the VC: MP Development Team from MODDB created a mod server that enables Vice City players to enjoy the game in multiplayer mode. According to the developers, it is an unofficial multiplayer modification to the PC version of Vice City. Developers added:

“Players can create their own dedicated servers with vast scripting capabilities to extend the capabilities of Vice City, allowing anyone around the world to enjoy a relaxing deathmatch game, roleplay a cop or criminal, perform stunts, or simply drive around together.”

These mods will certainly improvise the gameplay experience of the good old game. Players can unlock and explore unlimited possibilities with them, especially with the multiplayer patch. The community loves Vice City, and mods will further enrich the gaming experience.

5 GTA Vice City mods that players should try out in 2022

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