5 important terms GTA 5 RP beginners should know

For GTA 5 RP beginners, familiarizing themselves with these 5 important terms is crucial to navigate the immersive world of roleplaying with confidence and understanding.

5 important terms GTA 5 RP beginners should know

5 important terms GTA 5 RP (image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 RP is a whole new approach to GTA Online and it has its own set of nuances. Like a lot of other games that have a large and strong community, GTA RP players have created certain terms that mean things that are specific to the game.

For players new to the game, these terms can be confusing and in some cases not knowing what these terms mean can lead to players being kicked out of servers.

Here is a list of 5 terms that are often used in GTA RP and what they mean.


VDM stands for “Vehicle Deathmatch”, and this is when a player goes around the map ramming their car into other players or their cars for no apparent reason. This is something that is considered quite a serious offense on most servers and can amount to the player being kicked out of the server.

Most RP servers expect their players to role play out their differences rather than resort to childish behavior which ruins the gaming experience for someone else.

If they’re playing the role of a ruthless killer or somebody who is out for revenge, then VDM can be acceptable. However, it doesn’t work if the player isn’t playing a character that has a reason to do so.


RDM stands for “Random Deathmatch”, this is when a player on the RP server decides to start a killing spree for no good reason. RDM is a punishable offense on GTA 5 RP servers where players take roleplaying very seriously, as these servers try to mimic real life as closely as possible.

As one might notice, San Andreas is based on California. While crime does take place in it, it’s by no means a lawless land where random civilians are getting blown up by RPG rounds or having their vehicles shot at randomly.

Likewise, some GTA 5 RP servers want their server to be more peaceful unless it makes sense otherwise. If players wish to duke it out with other players, then choosing a lax GTA 5 RP server or even GTA Online is a much better option.

GTA 5 RP TERM #3 – Powergaming

Not everybody can be at the top. Unfortunately, some players on GTA 5 RP play the game as if they are the kings of the server. While some players have to be at the top, it’s crucial to understand that not everybody can. If everybody tries to do that, then the roleplaying aspect just fails spectacularly.

Powergaming is essentially when players try to maximize progress toward whatever goal they set for themselves, usually in a roleplaying scenario. If a GTA 5 RP player tries to powergame another, it often means that they are trying to forcefully drive the story in a way that favors their character at the expense of others.

Predictably, big streamers often powergame as it entertains their followers. It’s difficult to enforce at times, but it’s still frowned upon by the GTA 5 RP community.

5 important terms GTA 5 RP

GTA 5 RP TERM #2 – Metagaming

Everybody metagames at some point when they’re roleplaying. Oftentimes, it’s unintentional, but it’s when players do it intentionally that it becomes a problem. Metagaming is when a player uses real-life knowledge that their character wouldn’t realistically have.

For example, a GTA 5 RP character who got shot in the head cannot realistically have a coherent discussion for five minutes with one of their buddies, telling them who shot them, where they went, etc. This is because although the player can see where their assailant went, the character they’re playing wouldn’t be able to.

A player’s character shouldn’t know everything that the player knows. The video listed above goes into great detail on why players shouldn’t metagame.


OOC stands for ‘out of character’. Not everybody is a perfect roleplayer, but there are obvious moments when a player shouldn’t go out of character. Unfortunately, sometimes a player takes offense to an action taken toward their character as they’re unable to differentiate between themselves and the character they’re roleplaying as.

There are moments when OOC can make roleplaying quite awkward.

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5 important terms GTA 5 RP beginners should know

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