5 major points learned from new GTA 6 early build leak

5 major points learned from new GTA 6 early build leak

5 major points learned from new GTA 6 early build leak

5 major points learned from new GTA 6 early build leak (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Rockstar Games just saw what might be the biggest leak in the history of gaming, and it has revealed a lot about GTA 6. Everything from how the protagonists look to how the gameplay has been refined compared to its predecessors can be found in the leaked video clips.

The early build seems to be quite promising, with several much-needed advancements. This article picks out some of the major points from the leaked content and discusses them in detail.

Note: The leaked clips cannot be shown here due to legal restrictions.

Everything learned from latest GTA 6 test footage leak

5) Improvements over past games

One of the very first things fans would look for in such a major leak is the differences and improvements that GTA 6 is expected to bring. The clips highlight several upgrades, such as a better ragdoll system and the ability to go prone.

Weapon sounds seem louder, although much of the used audio appears to be placeholders. Players can even pick up incapacitated NPCs, a feature present in several modern open-world titles, like Cyberpunk 2077.

5 major points learned from new GTA 6 early build leak

4) Advanced NPC behavior

There’s an interesting clip from the leaked content that seems to validate the claims of an AI-patent leak for advanced NPCs. Rockstar has improved the in-game NPCs dramatically in GTA 6, and this is showcased in a test session where the protagonists hold up a restaurant.

The hold-up turns into a hostage situation where every NPC reacts realistically. Some of them remain seated, with varying responses, while those who were standing lie down on the ground.

In another clip, the male protagonist can be seen witnessing two NPCs talking to each other. One of them drags the main character into the discussion by asking him a question. This particular dialog is a direct reference to GTA 5 and a specific real-life event.

3) Vice City setting

Almost every GTA 6 leaker has claimed that the game will be set in Vice City, and this has finally been confirmed true. The location seen in the leaked clips appears to be very similar to Miami, with many of the NPCs speaking in a Southern accent.

Furthermore, police vehicles seem to have VCPD written on them. There’s also a subway system based on the Miami Metrorail, as a train can be seen with Vice City written on it.

Besides Vice City, Rockstar appears to have included — or will include in the future — specific portions of Florida. Moreover, an airboat seen in a clip seemingly confirms the rumors regarding the title featuring a swamp environment. Meanwhile, the hostage situation from the last entry might have been taking place in a different town.

2) RDR2-like weapon system

Rockstar has finally decided to switch out the pocket-arsenal system in the GTA games with a more realistic approach similar to Red Dead Redemption 2. Weapons now appear on the protagonist’s body, allowing players to only use two large weapons at any time, along with an unknown number of sidearms. This can also be extended or affected by backpacks, as gamers will likely be able to carry these too. This feature is found in many open-world titles nowadays.

1) Dual protagonists

The biggest revelation in the leaked video clips involves the playable protagonists and backs up Jason Schreier’s claims. The reporter had stated there would be a male-female protagonist duo based on the iconic Bonnie and Clyde. Now, it’s known that the male GTA 6 character is white and named Jason, whereas the other is a Latina woman named Lucia.

Both protagonists can cooperate with each other during robberies, which is very reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde, though it’s unclear whether this only applies to scripted missions.

5 major points learned from new GTA 6 early build leak

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