From xQc to Coringa, 5 most-watched GTA 5 RP Streamers from Twitch in 2022

From xQc to Coringa, 5 most-watched GTA 5 RP Streamers from Twitch in 2022

From xQc to Coringa, 5 most-watched GTA 5 RP Streamers from Twitch in 2022

Most-watched GTA 5 RP Streamers from Twitch in 2022 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Despite GTA Online fans being bored of playing the same game for almost a decade, its recently released spinoff, GTA RP, has yet to die out in terms of popularity.

Roleplaying vogue continues to rise as fans tune in to watch their favorite streamers on Twitch. This article picks out the top 5 most-watched roleplayers on Twitch in 2022.

Some of the most popular GTA RP streamers in 2022


Penta roleplays as Randy Wrangler in NoPixel, a police officer who is perhaps the best-known cop character on the server, and the most hated one. Fans love to hate his questionable antics and his less-than-acceptable methods of investigation.

Penta was recently banned from NoPixel for reasons not fully explained, although this was only a matter of time. He has often been complained about, by RP fans and other roleplayers alike.

4) Sykkuno

Sykkuno has taken breaks from GTA RP from time to time, but this hasn’t resulted in a waning of his popularity. Every time he begins streaming the game on the NoPixel server, fans fall in love with his character, Yuno Sykk.

He plays the role of a genius robber and expert hacker, who, despite being a hardened criminal, is always polite. His real-life personality spills over to his RP character and as such, he has gained a large fanbase.

most-watched GTA 5 RP Streamers

3) buddha

Buddha has been one of the major roleplayers in the NoPixel community. His character, Lang Buddha, is one of the most powerful crime bosses in the city, and he has an equally intriguing personality to match his position.

Buddha’s roleplaying skills are exceptional, and have often been praised by fans. This may be why he has consistently managed to come out on top in terms of Twitch viewership, time and time again.

2) loud_coringa

Loud Coringa has been the most popular Brazilian RP streamer ever since he started streaming the game. In fact, he has often come out on top as the most popular RP streamer and has only recently been beaten by xQc.

He plays on the Cidade Alta server, which is extremely popular in the Spanish/Portuguese-speaking world.

1) xQcOW

xQc continues to be the biggest GTA RP channel even in 2022. He has one of the most dedicated fanbases among other roleplaying streamers, and they’re willing to follow him to whichever server he joins.

xQc has often stirred up controversy while roleplaying on NoPixel, and this has resulted in him getting banned on multiple occasions. He has roleplayed several characters, which are all very similar to each other. He is mostly known for pulling off insane heists in NoPixel, and his roleplaying isn’t always serious.

From xQc to Coringa, 5 most-watched GTA 5 RP Streamers from Twitch in 2022

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