5 reasons why a female protagonist in GTA 6 would be a good idea

5 reasons why a female protagonist in GTA 6 would be a good idea

5 reasons why a female protagonist in GTA 6 would be a good idea

It is about time the Grand Theft Auto series get a female protagonist (Images via GTA RP Servers)

A recent report on GTA 6 revealed a lot of new information about the upcoming game that may or may not be true. But with the discussion surrounding this report by Bloomberg and the person who wrote it, Jason Schreier, a distinguished video game journalist, fans expect this report to be mostly accurate.

Therefore, if the information in the Bloomberg article is authentic, Rockstar Games will create history with this new title by allowing gamers to control a well-rounded female protagonist for the first time in this franchise. Players have been waiting for this to happen for far too long, and hopefully, this will not disappoint.

Therefore, to aid this supposed decision made by Rockstar Games, this article will provide players with five reasons why GTA 6 should definitely have a female protagonist.

female protagonist in GTA 6

Here are five reasons why having a female playable character in GTA 6 will be a great idea

5) Diversity

It should be noted that Rockstar Games have introduced many characters from different backgrounds and ethnicity in their games, so having a female character will only add to the diverse world they have already created with this series.

Moreover, the moment a female protagonist is introduced in GTA 6, the game will feel more exciting and different from any previous title, as Rockstar has never created a GTA series with a fleshed-out female character.

4) New Ideas to explore

Having a female protagonist in GTA 6 will allow Rockstar Games to explore new ideas and beliefs, especially regarding gender in this modern world. As Rockstar Games is already known for satirizing American culture and popular trends, they can use the fresh new perspective of a female character to see the world through her eyes.

This will guarantee them new ideas to explore if done right. Furthermore, having a female character will also help give some old topics fresh new angles that have not been explored in the GTA series before. This does not always have to be serious, but having a female perspective will be really interesting for the upcoming game.

female protagonist in GTA 6

3) Representation

Although there are currently other AAA games with female leads, Rockstar Games still has no significant female playable characters that have impacted the gaming culture or fans.

This might change with GTA 6, as having a female character in one of the biggest video game franchises will surely help contribute to women’s representation in video games. Another thing to remember is that Rockstar Games has a solid track record of making three-dimensional main characters.

Therefore, Rockstar Games will surely not let the female lead conform to a single stereotype but be multifaceted with her own ideas and motivation, whether they are morally good or bad. This would also help improve women’s representation in the gaming world.

2) Untapped Audience

Due to the game’s exclusive focus on male characters over the years, Grand Theft Auto has missed this huge market of female players. Women who play Grand Theft Auto frequently express dissatisfaction with how they are portrayed in the game and thus carry a valid grievance against Rockstar.

By including a female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar Games can hope to diversify the franchise and draw in more players. One can only speculate about the boost the business will experience if female streamers play the game, persuading their millions of female followers to try the new Grand Theft Auto title as well.

Moreover, if Rockstar Games can create an engaging female character, it will definitely improve their image among the female audience.

1) Something new

Many players will argue that Grand Theft Auto 6 is not the first series to introduce a female character, as playing as a female character is a viable option in Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2. Still, players should keep in mind that these female playable characters do not have any kind of characterization.

So even though Grand Theft Auto 6 might not be the first to introduce female playable characters, it will definitely be the first Grand Theft Auto game to provide fans with a full-fledged and well-rounded female playable character.

5 reasons why a female protagonist in GTA 6 would be a good idea

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