5 reasons why Rockstar should make GTA 6 an RPG

5 reasons why Rockstar should make GTA 6 an RPG

5 reasons why Rockstar should make GTA 6 an RPG

How ambitious will the next title be? (Image via INTER, YouTube)

With the ongoing popularity of GTA RP and the prevalence of roleplaying games in the market, some fans are demanding RPG features in the next GTA title. Grand Theft Auto 5 has already reintroduced some roleplaying aspects first introduced in San Andreas, and its online mode can essentially be called an MMORPG of sorts.

In light of this, this article examines some compelling arguments for why the next Grand Theft Auto game should be an RPG.

5 reasons why Rockstar should make GTA 6 an RPG

Why the next GTA 6 should be a roleplaying game

5) Their prior history with RPG mechanics

When it comes to incorporating RPG mechanics into open-world games, Rockstar Games has plenty of experience. Bully, for example, offers an immersive, albeit humorous, take on the life of a high-school student. There are numerous interactive gameplay mechanics that, while not typical of an RPG, only add to the overall experience.

Players can enroll in various classes while also customizing the protagonist’s appearance to a great extent. On the other hand, the roleplaying aspect of the Red Dead Redemption series has only been expanded with the second game. From managing hunger and stamina to trimming the protagonist’s beard, the game offers an immersive gunslinger experience.

This doesn’t mean that these games are tedious. Many of the game’s survival mechanics are quite enjoyable. Meanwhile, the character progression in Bully is unique and interesting. The GTA series is also no stranger to this, with GTA San Andreas frequently referred to as an example of an RPG.

4) RPGs are quite popular

If done correctly, roleplaying games can be hugely successful. RPGs can achieve worldwide success, as evident from popular JRPG franchises to CRPGs like the Mass Effect and The Witcher trilogies.

The roleplaying genre is also perfectly suited for open-world games, and most popular RPGs feature large and immersive open-world environments. With Rockstar’s expertise in crafting detailed and convincing open-world maps, Grand Theft Auto 6 would be a hit in no time.

5 reasons why Rockstar should make GTA 6 an RPG

3) A unique GTA experience

The traditional RPG experience has rarely been embraced in Grand Theft Auto games. As previously stated, San Andreas is the series’ closest thing to a roleplaying game. If the upcoming game adopts a similar gameplay style, with the added realism of the HD Universe, it will be unlike any other GTA game ever made.

When a game series lasts as long as Grand Theft Auto, the developers must go out of their way to make each game unique. This could be the break Grand Theft Auto 6 needs to provide a truly original experience.

2) Extremely replayable experience

Roleplaying mechanics provide a unique and individual experience to every player, and every playthrough can turn out to be different. This can make for an extremely replayable game that is hard to get bored with.

One of the primary criticisms leveled at GTA 5 was its lack of replayability. The post-storyline gameplay wasn’t as enjoyable as it had been in previous games in the series. The next game could introduce a skill-based progression system like in San Andreas, which took a lot more time to fill and was much more diverse.

1) Plenty of content

RPGs are almost always lengthy, with some lasting hundreds of hours. The average gamer will need countless hours to attain 100% completion in some GTA games, such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. If such RPG elements are added to a modern Grand Theft Auto game, it will undoubtedly be lengthy.

Rockstar has been running GTA 5 for nearly a decade, with frequent updates to keep players engaged in its multiplayer content. Players will be less bored with a game if it has a longer single-player storyline with RPG mechanics. This can also be used in multiplayer, and as Grand Theft Auto Online has demonstrated, it can be a huge success.

5 reasons why Rockstar should make GTA 6 an RPG

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