5 things GTA 6 could learn from GTA RP

5 things GTA 6 could learn from GTA RP

5 things GTA 6 could learn from GTA RP

Grand Theft Auto 6 should learn a lot from Grand Theft Auto RP (Images via Rockstar Games)

According to Rockstar, GTA 6 is currently under development. However, there is still a long way to go until the game is launched. This allows the creators to work on the game and smooth out the rough edges.

Meanwhile, every Grand Theft Auto fan is spending their time playing Grand Theft Auto Roleplay (RP) to quench their thirst for the upcoming game. Due to the popularity of this Grand Theft Auto mod, it makes many fans wonder if Grand Theft Auto 6 could take some aspects from Grand Theft Auto RP and integrate it into the upcoming game.

This article will list five things that GTA 6 can learn and bring from GTA RP.

5 things GTA 6 could learn from GTA RP

Key things that GTA 6 could learn from GTA RP

5) Focus more on roleplaying elements

Rockstar does not need to look to other developers for inspiration on RPG elements as GTA RP has already introduced subtle roleplaying characteristics. Elements like a hunger bar or a hydration bar would be an interesting addition as they would make the upcoming game more immersive.

As the RP scene provides more realistic elements, those would make the new game more challenging and engaging, like players passing the driving exam to drive cars or getting a loan to start their own business.

Moreover, RPG elements would make GTA 6 more compelling to play as it would provide players more freedom to do whatever they want.

5 things GTA 6 could learn from GTA RP

4) Let players plan their own heist

One of the most fun things about Grand Theft Auto RP is that players can create their own plans for a heist. Players don’t get any pre-made templates or plans to use, and they must come up with everything from scratch.

This element would be perfect for Grand Theft Auto 6 as it would provide new and organic approaches to different missions that players would be responsible for executing without getting any type of interference from the game.

Letting players come up with plans for the heist would make the game more dynamic and unpredictable. More importantly, it would make all the missions, especially the heists, more entertaining.

3) Players’ choice in the story

Players can create their own stories in Grand Theft Auto RP. This might not exactly happen in Grand Theft Auto 6, but they can still give a tremendous amount of choices for players in the story. So much so that every player will experience something different in the story due to their choices.

Giving more freedom to choose how players are going to approach each story beat will create a more interactive form of storytelling. This would allow players to connect with the characters and scenarios more as they would be responsible for the actions happening in the story.

2) Careers


In GTA RP, players can have any job they want. Be it a chef or a bank robber, they can be anything they want. This element would be perfect for GTA 6 as giving players a career to follow instead of just being a criminal would be a new and interesting mechanic in the game.

It is pretty obvious that GTA 6’s world will be bigger than any other title in this series, so it would make even more sense for players to be whatever they want in this world.

If players want to be a firefighter, the game can introduce a college or institution where they can do different mini-games to get this job. If players want to be a chef, they can start working in a restaurant and again play different mini-games to get a promotion. This would make the game’s world more alive and interesting for players to explore.

1) Player-to-player system

Grand Theft Auto RP is an online game because there is more of a player-to-player system in which if a particular player wants something like food or a car, they must talk to another player who is working in a car company or fast food restaurant.

GTA 6’s online mode can easily implement this. But for the single-player mode, Rockstar can introduce advanced NPCs that will interact with players just as any real person would.

This will make the gameplay more riveting as players would have to interact with these highly advanced NPCs to get what they want. These NPCs can be integrated into the game’s story to make everything more immersive.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

5 things GTA 6 could learn from GTA RP

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