5 things GTA 6 should reintroduce from GTA 4

5 things GTA 6 should reintroduce from GTA 4

5 things GTA 6 should reintroduce from GTA 4

GTA 4 características que precisam estar lá em GTA 6 (Imagem via Rockstar)

With Rockstar Games’ official development announcement, GTA 6 seems to be on the horizon. Although the company has not spilled any beans on the game’s whereabouts, there is much speculation in the community regarding the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title.

Rumors, leaks, requests, and fan theories have surfaced since the announcement. Features from previous games are also on the list, with requests for euphoria physics and voice commands from GTA 4 one of them.

GTA 4 features fans want in Grand Theft Auto 6

5) GPS voice assistance

GPS routing in GTA games was introduced in Grand Theft Auto 4. Before that, players needed to set up a waypoint and find the route on their own, going back and forth on the map.

The fourth numbered title reduced that hustle and provided route lines with voice commands. However, Grand Theft Auto 5 eliminated the voice assistance feature from the GPS. Instead, users were given a yellow or purple line and a little arrow mark on the mini-map.

Some fans were upset about it as voice assistance is a modern and necessary addition even in real life and adds a little realism to the cruising experience.

4) Jumping and crawling abilities

Niko Bellic was an expert in parkour. He could jump, climb, and crawl. Jokes aside, Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced better jumping and climbing abilities to the character. However, the most underrated thing the protagonist could do is crawl while holding onto walls.

In other titles, gamers jump directly across a wall or an object. This game introduced holding onto the object while doing so.

This enabled them to hang and crawl side-by-side on certain surfaces, which unlocked new possibilities for the gameplay. Rockstar removed it in Grand Theft Auto 5, and players want it back in the upcoming game.

3) Cover system

GTA 4’s cover system is better than any other game in the series. It was a game-changing mechanism at the time.

Unlike GTA 5, users could hide behind many obstacles and surfaces. They could even duck in an open area to get some cover.

This enabled them to troll NPCs in a crowd by hitting them and taking cover so that when the latter hit back, the shots went directly to other NPCs, knocking them out.

Grand Theft Auto 5 removed some elements from this cover mechanism. Gamers can only hide behind objects wide enough to cover their entire body, while useable weapons while in cover were reduced.

2) Ragdoll physics

The game’s ragdoll physics was more accurate than Grand Theft Auto 5. Before that, characters used to remain stable even on the most uneven surfaces. If someone were hit with a weapon or vehicle, they would fall according to the force that struck them.

If players hit any car, wall, or post at high speed, they would fly out of the windshield because of inertia. Though GTA 5 retained this property, it has been drastically reduced and eliminated while driving during missions.

1) Euphoria engine

Grand Theft Auto 4 used an animation engine called Euphoria Physics which made the AI feel more real and natural. NPCs’ reactions to gunshots, taking cover when it rains, sounds of weapons and overall more detailed animations were there in the game.

GTA 5 retained most of the effects but reduced various aspects. For example, NPCs don’t cover or hide when it rains, gun sounds feel a little cartoonish, etc.

Gamers want GTA 6 to be more upgraded and realistic and contain features they loved in previous games.

5 things GTA 6 should reintroduce from GTA 4

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