5 things GTA 6 is unlikely to bring back

5 things GTA 6 is unlikely to bring back

5 things GTA 6 is unlikely to bring back

There’s been some interesting leaks regarding the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Gamers frequently discuss content they hope to see in GTA 6, and rumors often talk about features that are expected to be in the game. However, conversations regarding what won’t be included in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game are rare.

This question is the sole focus of this article. It explores five things that GTA 6 is unlikely to include when it is released. Players should note that everything they know about GTA 6 is completely speculative, and neither the rumors nor the leaks can be verified.

This is why they should note that this article’s content is also speculative, and some of the ideas presented here may turn out to be false.

What will GTA 6 not have that its predecessors did?

5) 3D Universe characters

It has been made clear countless times that the 3D Universe and HD Universe are not the same, and they never were. However, fans still prefer to believe that Tommy, CJ, or Claude could return for the next Grand Theft Auto title.

Some leaks have even gone on to state that certain characters seen in GTA Vice City will return to GTA 6. That said, this is very improbable, and it’s more likely that certain trolls are trying to boost the hype for their fake leaks by exploiting nostalgia.

4) Single-player DLCs

Two DLCs, GTA Mission Pack #1 (London 1969) and #2 (London 1961), were released for the first Grand Theft Auto game. Rockstar wouldn’t attempt to release single-player expansion packs again until GTA 4. Two of its DLCs, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, both featured marginally different gameplay with a particular theme.

GTA 5, on the other hand, never received a single-player expansion pack. Meanwhile, its online counterpart has consistently been updated over the years, and this week saw the launch of The Criminal Enterprises. Rockstar probably won’t try any more single-player DLCs in its upcoming title, either.

They are instead more likely to follow up the story mode with expansions for the multiplayer mode of the next game.

3) A retro setting

Many fans want the next GTA title to take place in Vice City in the 1980s, but reliable leakers like Tom Henderson believe this will not happen. He claims that it will be set in the present day, despite the fact that the map will most likely be Vice City.

Rockstar Games has set a number of games in past eras like the 60s, 80s, and 90s. However, all of these games are considered standalone titles. The mainline games, like GTA 3, 4, and 5, were all set in the years that they first launched.

2) Liberty City

Contrary to numerous rumors, it is extremely unlikely that Rockstar will return to Liberty City in the next installment. There are several factors that support this notion, the most prominent of which is the city’s prior appearance in the HD Universe. Another less well-known factor at play is that players aren’t permitted to have any flyable airplanes in any Rockstar game that includes Liberty City.

Since Grand Theft Auto 3 was nearing completion at the time of the 9/11 incident, Rockstar had to change a lot of its content to avoid controversy. To avoid representing the NYPD, the police cars’ paint jobs had to be altered, and the Dodo, the only flyable aircraft, had its wings clipped to render it incapable of flight.

The absence of flyable aircraft in a future Grand Theft Auto game is extremely unlikely, which makes Liberty City serving as the title’s setting very improbable as well.

1) Intense satire

While the gameplay is undoubtedly a key component of a Grand Theft Auto game, the writing is what really sets the series apart. Rockstar spared no effort in creating a compelling and fearless satire of modern culture with the franchise. They satirized everything and everyone, mostly through exaggerated stereotypes and dark comedy.

However, a recent report by Jason Schreier claims that Rockstar will adopt a “kinder, gentler” strategy, taking care not to offend anyone too much. Since then, fans have expressed concern that the company may completely abandon the comic element. After all, the classic definition of comedy is that it ridicules the laughable.

This also foreshadows a rather bleak future for gaming in which developers are too afraid to question or criticize specific aspects of society.

5 things GTA 6 is unlikely to bring back

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