5 things GTA 6 should learn from GTA Vice City

5 things GTA 6 should learn from GTA Vice City

5 things GTA 6 should learn from GTA Vice City

GTA 6 is hyped by players already despite limited official word by Rockstar (Image via YouTube/MrBossFTW)

GTA 6 has been the hype among the franchise’s faithful for a while, and leaks continue pointing to Rockstar Games’ upcoming title in the Grant Theft Auto franchise. Players haven’t heard much officially from the developer, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mills.

Whether the next game is called GTA 6 or not, they have already come up with a wishlist of things they would like to see in the upcoming iteration.

There have also been many leaks leading to rumors that there might be returning characters, maps, and storylines from older games. For example, Vice City is known for the story, protagonist, and map, which users enjoy going over again and again.

GTA Vice City continues to be played and enjoyed offline by gamers

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was the sixth installment in the hit franchise based in the 1980s. The game brought all the elements of this era to life.

The clothes, cars, and attitudes made the game memorable, with players still comparing the storyline to hit gangster movies. When leaks and rumors started pointing the next game in the series to have some links to Vice City, they couldn’t hold their excitement.

There are lots of elements Rockstar can take inspiration from Vice City and bring back to the next game, but here are the top five.

5 things GTA 6 should learn from GTA Vice City

5) Turn on the radio

The right soundtrack will keep users engaged throughout the game, which has held true even for games like FIFA, which has a soundtrack many still remember and keep in their playlists.

Vice City is known for talk shows and brilliant sets of selective songs gamers have blasted over the years. These are songs that they still associate with their respective games, so if Rockstar can learn from something from Vice City, it’s to have a memorable radio experience.

4) More fan-favorite characters

Vice City had a whole slew of characters, from sidekicks to NPCs, all of whom were memorable in their own way. While the return of Tommy Vercetti isn’t looking plausible, a cameo to shape the campaign storyline would hype players a whole lot more.

More such characters who get integrated into the storyline while also delivering some memorable dialogs will make the game even more likable among users.

3) Better class of criminals

The game’s streets could do with a better set of rivals and gangs, just like in Vice City, where such groups kept causing havoc among themselves and the protagonist. The campaign could use some gangs and rivalries on the streets throughout the map.

Integrating more such units into the main campaign by having the protagonist take over distinct areas on the map ruled by different mobs will keep players engaged in the game.

2) Plot twists from beyond

As much as users liked the storyline in GTA 5, it ended up being far too obvious with an expected ending. As with an earlier point about fan-favorite characters returning to the storyline, an equally intriguing story leading up to a plot twist, a la Lance Vance’s betrayal from Vice City, will make the game unforgettable.

Rockstar can take major inspiration from Vice City in this regard to have mobs and allies bring more twists and turn the storyline into another memorable title.

5 things GTA 6 should learn from GTA Vice City

1) Make GTA fun again

Bright, neon skyline and the 80’s music on the radio could be one of the elements that Rockstar could bring back to the GTA universe. GTA 5 has had its share of dark humor, adult jokes, and lots of forgotten characters, and while some of this has come to be expected in these games, a bright new facelift can only do a lot of good.

I will bring more fun to the game along with a brilliant storyline, making GTA 6 another memorable and fun offering to continue playing after years.

5 things GTA 6 should learn from GTA Vice City

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