6 Best GTA RP Servers To Play 2024

5 Best GTA RP Servers To Play 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best GTA RP servers to play in 2023 & 2024! Grand Theft Auto V’s role-playing (RP) modding fivem community continues to thrive, discover everything you need to know about GTA V Roleplay Server from fivem mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

As the popularity of GTA RP servers grows, it becomes crucial to stay informed about the latest and most captivating servers available.

6 Best GTA RP Servers In July 2023

Below we mentioned some of the 5 best GTA RP servers that are accessed by a huge number of GTA players per day.

6. Ignite Roleplay

Ignite Roleplay is arguably the most unique Grand Theft Auto 5 RP server ever. While this RP server offers many features you can find in peers, such as typing commands to perform actions and take up jobs, its main appeal is that it is set in the 1980s.

The overall feel of Ignite Roleplay is like a land stuck in time, which is emphasized even more by the use of vintage cars. Naturally, the setting will remind you of Vice City, a fan-favorite location rumored to return in Grand Theft Auto 6.

5. GTA World

5 Best GTA RP Servers To Play 2023

If you’re someone who enjoys playing GTA 5 in solitude and prefers a single-player experience without interacting with strangers, then the GTA World RP Server is the perfect choice for you. This RP server offers the option to install the Rage mod instead of FiveM, providing a seamless and personalized gaming experience.

Notably, the GTA World RP server boasts an impressive player limit of 500, indicating its popularity among the gaming community. However, due to the high demand, you may find yourself waiting in a queue for an extended period before accessing the server. Once inside, players can engage in a multitude of tasks, such as purchasing businesses, offering services, and much more, allowing for a dynamic and immersive single-player role-playing experience.

4. New Day RP

5 Best GTA RP Servers To Play 2023

If you’re an avid fan of Red Dead Redemption 2 and seeking a role-playing experience similar to its immersive world, look no further than New Day RP. This server offers a perfect blend of Red Dead Redemption 2-inspired gameplay within the GTA V universe.

With equine tasks and unique twists, players can indulge in a range of activities that truly capture the essence of both games. Whether you’re exploring the vast landscapes on horseback or engaging in captivating Wild West-themed roleplay scenarios, New Day RP provides an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in a distinctive blend of two beloved gaming worlds.

3. TwitchRP

Best GTA RP Servers To Play (July 2023)Among the numerous GTA RP servers available, TwtichRP stands out as one of the best, earning its rightful place at the top of our list. Boasting an impressive community of over 21,000 active members, TwtichRP has gained immense popularity, particularly among Twitch stream users.

This server offers an array of diverse tasks and activities, ranging from recycling waste and making deliveries to engaging in high-stakes vehicle sales and beyond. TwtichRP provides a dynamic and immersive experience that keeps players hooked and eager to explore the countless opportunities it presents.

2. Eclipse RP

5 Best GTA RP Servers To Play 2023

Eclipse RP is undoubtedly one of the most popular RP servers within the GTA 5 community. With its capacity to host up to 200 players simultaneously, Eclipse RP offers a vibrant and bustling virtual world. However, due to its immense popularity and the sheer number of players, it’s common to find yourself on a waiting list before joining.

Once inside, players can dive into a plethora of engaging job opportunities that cater to various playstyles. From the adrenaline rush of car theft to the intricacies of government work, gambling jobs, and even the illicit world of drug dealing, Eclipse RP presents a vast array of options to suit every player’s desires.

1. NoPixel

5 Best GTA RP Servers To Play 2023

NoPixel has garnered immense popularity among GTA 5 players, establishing itself as an iconic RP server. Renowned Twitch streamers like xQc, Sykkuno, and Summit1g are among the many who choose this server for their gameplay. While NoPixel shares the capacity to host 200 players like other RP servers, it allows only 32 players to participate simultaneously.

However, due to the server’s immense popularity and high volume of players, downtime can occur frequently. Despite occasional downtime, the allure of NoPixel’s immersive role-playing experience continues to captivate players, making it a highly sought-after choice within the GTA 5 community.

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