Alleged GTA 6 Actor: Male Protagonist

Alleged GTA 6 Actor: Male Protagonist

Alleged GTA 6 Actor: Male Protagonist

Alleged GTA 6 Actor: Male Protagonist (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Recent GTA 6 leaks have triggered a new wave of information and discoveries about the game, including the names of its protagonists. Fans learned about Lucia’s alleged voice actress a few days ago, and now they’re scoping for Jason’s voice actor.

Bryan Zampella, an actor, is rumored to be the voice and role model for alleged GTA 6 protagonist Jason. While neither the actor nor Rockstar Games have said anything about it, fans are keeping a close eye on every possible hint and action by him.

Bryan recently shared an image on Twitter, and fans suspected it was another hint toward Grand Theft Auto 6.

Alleged GTA 6 voice actor teases fans with a witty post

On September 23, Bryan took to Twitter to post a photo of himself standing in front of a car. While the photo appears normal, the caption contains a clever question.

The tweet immediately piqued fans’ interest, and more speculation began circulating. They believe the actor’s caption indirectly hints that he is the upcoming game’s protagonist, Jason. Fans believe the voice actor couldn’t reveal it directly due to legal constraints and was teasing it creatively.

Fans reacted with the same enthusiasm, indirectly prodding him to confess his role in Grand Theft Auto 6. Badger Goodger, a popular YouTuber, had the best response to the tweet yet, with 300+ likes.

In response to the tweet’s question, one user suggested Bryan buy the car with Shark Cards from Grand Theft Auto Online.

The post also went viral on Reddit, and Redditors speculated on the same. One user took a quip stating that the voice actor visited Los Santos Customs, which another user corrected as Vice City Customs.

Who are the GTA 6 voice actors?

On September 22, Twitter user NestorSite shared a GTAForums link mentioning Bryan Zampella as Jason in GTA 6. Several other replies to the tweet revealed more information about Bryan and his affiliations with Rockstar Games.

Who are the GTA 6 voice actors?

NestorSite’s tweet about alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 voice actor (Image via Twitter)

After the tweet, fans’ suspicions were heightened when Bryan deleted all of his Rockstar-related posts and photos. Fans are convinced that he is the male protagonist in the upcoming game based on a recent tease from his personal Twitter account.

Similarly, fans tracked down Lucia’s alleged voice actress Alexandra Cristina Echavarri based on her online resume, which mentions her work for Rockstar Games as a “Principal Character.” Her previous voice-over work and similarities with the upcoming Grand Theft Auto protagonist bolstered the rumors.

Christina later removed Rockstar Games’ name from her resume, which fans took as a clear indication that she could be Lucia in the upcoming game.

Note: The article cannot show the leaked data here due to legal restrictions.

Alleged GTA 6 Actor: Male Protagonist

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