Alleged GTA 6 résumé leak reveals codename and new character

Alleged GTA 6 résumé leak reveals codename and new character

Alleged GTA 6 résumé leak reveals codename and new character

This Grand Theft Auto 6 leak has being going viral recently (Images via GTA RP Servers)

A new alleged GTA 6 leak has caught the entire community by storm, and this time the leak has come from the résumé of a voice actress named Natonia Monet. It was uploaded on, where several people quickly picked out a Rockstar Games project called “Fireball” that she was a part of.

She also cited playing a character named “Tamara” in this appearance on her résumé. All of this has led enthusiasts to believe that the word “Fireball” is the codename for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, and Tamara is one of the characters who will appear in it.

This article will go into further detail for fans who want to know more about this alleged leak.

New leak suggests “Fireball” is the alleged codename for GTA 6, how true is it?

One of the strangest things regarding this supposed leak was that the day after it was found, Natonia Monet’s appearance on “Fireball” and her character “Tamara” was removed from her résumé. This caused an even bigger stir in the community as many fans believed that this was proof that “Fireball” was the codename for the upcoming GTA title.

But again, there is no concrete proof regarding this claim. Moreover, it is not necessary that “Fireball” needs to be a codename just for GTA 6. But its removal after the day of its discovery does make this entire ordeal a little bit more suspicious.

“Project Americas” was originally believed to be GTA 6’s codename, but it’s plausible that the high-profile project had other codenames to keep the game tightly under wraps. Although the reason for the deletion of “Fireball” from Monet’s résumé is unknown, it is possible that Rockstar Games did not want any information on the next game to be revealed beforehand.

Many fans also pointed out that previous Grand Theft Auto titles such as Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5 also had codenames that were pretty similar to this alleged codename for Grand Theft Auto 6.

For example, “Ice” was the codename for Grand Theft Auto 4, referring to diamonds which were an important part of that game, and “Rush” was the codename for Grand Theft Auto 5, which referred to the heist mechanic that was introduced in it.

So, many fans have started speculating that the codename “Fireball” could be referring to some kind of fire mechanic that might be introduced in the upcoming title or that the game will take place somewhere hot and humid. In any case, these speculations still seem pretty far-fetched.

Because of this, some fans are also understandably pretty skeptical about this claim as these alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks turn out to be fake most of the time. This résumé leak has a lot of unanswered questions that fans should consider before jumping to their own conclusions.

As with any rumors, this leak should also be treated with a grain of salt. The only way to confirm the alleged leak’s validity is to check if any upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 teasers feature a character called Tamara. However, it’s likely that fans will still have to wait before any verifiable information on Grand Theft Auto 6 appears.

Alleged GTA 6 résumé leak reveals codename and new character

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