Best GTA 5 Whitelist RP Servers [Fivem 2023]

Best GTA 5 Whitelist RP Servers [Fivem 2023]

GTA 5 RP Best Whitelisted Fivem RP servers

GTA 5 RP Best Whitelisted Fivem RP servers (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) has become a popular game for roleplaying, where players can create their own character and interact with others in a virtual world. While the game itself offers an RP mode, many players seek a more immersive experience and turn to whitelisted RP servers.

These servers require an application process and approval from the server administrators to join, ensuring a higher level of seriousness and quality in the roleplaying experience. In this article, we will explore some of the best GTA 5 whitelist RP servers available, offering unique settings, rules, and communities for players to explore and enjoy.

What are some of the best GTA RP servers?

Eclipse RP is one of the most popular GTA 5 RP servers out there. It can be accessed through the Rage MP client. While often hosting about 200 players at a time, the player count can reach up to 300 and over during the weekends. It’s an action-based GTA Roleplay server, with lots of gangs and opposing factions to join.


Nopixel GTA RP Rules Server in 2023

Nopixel GTA RP Rules Server in 2023 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

NoPixel is widely recognized as the GTA 5 RP server with the best Twitch Streamers and has earned its reputation as the most popular RP server currently available. However, applying to join NoPixel requires a significant level of commitment from potential players. At present, applications are closed to the public, and only select users or those with special privileges are permitted to submit an application. These individuals are typically players of a similar caliber to the well-known Twitch Streamers who frequent the server.

NoPixel operates two separate servers that share the same hive. This means that players can join either server and maintain continuity with their characters, making it easier to continue their RP experiences without interruption.

Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP (Image via GTA RP Servers)

In order to access the unique features and custom assets of Eclipse RP, players must first be whitelisted. Unlike other GTA 5 RP servers, Eclipse RP has the capacity to support up to 200 players simultaneously, which means that the likelihood of encountering non-RP players within the game world is reduced.

This is an essential aspect of the server’s design, as the presence of non-RP players can create significant issues for those who are trying to maintain a serious RP experience. Eclipse RP provides players with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique RP environment, with a robust and active police force that players can interact with.

GTA World

GTA World

GTA World (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA World is a text-based roleplaying game with a lot of interesting features. The servers work with RAGE MP, which is a modification for multiplayer games like FiveM.

Also, it is said that RAGE MP is getting closer to being able to do what FiveM can do. GTA World was recently redone to make it more fun, more realistic, and more dynamic.

The Family

The Family

The Family (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Prior to the rise of NoPixel, many GTA 5 roleplayers were concentrated in the Family RP server, which offered a more user-friendly interface and simplified gameplay mechanics. However, while the server was known for its accessibility, the use of slash commands for most actions made it a more challenging environment to navigate.

Despite these challenges, The Family RP has been recognized by many players as one of the best GTA 5 RP servers available, with significant potential for immersive roleplaying experiences.

GTA The Family RP server

In order to maintain a high standard of quality and ensure a more immersive RP experience, The Family RP requires players to be on a whitelist. Once players have completed their RP activities on the server, they are transferred to a public server where their behavior can be observed by the server administrators.

This post-RP evaluation process is an integral part of The Family RP’s system and allows the server administrators to more accurately assess the players’ performance and behavior. By utilizing this method, The Family RP can maintain a more welcoming and enjoyable RP environment for all its members.


In conclusion, the world of GTA 5 RP servers offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for players seeking immersive roleplaying experiences. While each server has its own unique features and requirements, the best whitelist RP servers share a commitment to providing high-quality gameplay and fostering a supportive, engaging community for players.

From the widely popular NoPixel server to the user-friendly Family RP and the dynamic Eclipse RP, there are plenty of options available for players looking to explore the diverse range of RP experiences on offer. Whether you’re seeking a text-based roleplaying experience or a more traditional game modification, the best GTA 5 whitelist RP servers offer a wealth of options to suit your preferences.


Best GTA 5 Whitelist RP Servers [Fivem 2023]

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