7 Best GTA RP Servers worth joining in 2024, ranked

7 Best GTA RP Servers worth joining in 2024

In the gaming world, the quest for thrilling adventures and unique social interactions is a constant pursuit. In 2024, it gets even more exciting with the best GTA RP servers that offer an exceptional gaming experience. In this article, we will explore seven of the best GTA RP servers that you definitely won’t want to miss. Get ready to immerse yourself in a virtual world filled with action, drama, and fun as we reveal the list of the most incredible servers you can join this year.

Ranking 7 best GTA RP servers for a unique gameplay experience in 2024

7) LucidCity

LucidCity RP provides an experience completely different from all other GTA V RP Servers on this list.

LucidCity comes with a custom map and script which makes it completely unique and immersive.

The main goal of LucidCity is to create a realistic RP experience.

6) Mafia City

MafiaCity has been the source of a lot of speculation for some years, as it was in the development stage for quite some time.

After finally launching for players, MafiaCity offers users both legal and illegal group systems with customizable player businesses.

Like GTA World, MafiaCity also requires Rage to be installed rather than FiveM.

5) EchoRP

EchoRP is a well-known GTA 5 RP server that offers players several options to enjoy their gameplay. It is a whitelisted server that has over 39,000 active members. Players can apply to join the server by visiting its official website (https://echorp.net/) and joining the Discord server.

The popular FiveM-based server offers quality roleplay, balanced economy, custom scripts, unique clothes, and realistic handling for vehicles. Players must follow a long list of rules that are mentioned on the website. Some notable streamers on the servers are itsMag, MoneyMiggy, SkinnyCraig, Fluxx19, and more.

4) Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is one of the newest and most popular GTA RP servers in 2024. It uses the RageMP Client to host the server, and players must download it to access the gameplay. Voice chatting is the primary method of communication, and all players must have a working pair of headphones and a mic to join.

The moderators promote a peaceful environment in the servers, and all players must follow strict rules to maintain decorum. Cheating, hacking, racist comments, hateful behavior, harassing NPCs, etc., are counted as serious offenses and can lead to a permanent ban from the server.

3) TwitchRP

If you are a streamer and looking for GTA 5 Roleplay servers to join, TwitchRP is one of the best platforms to get on. It is one of the oldest RP servers and is mostly popular among Twitch players. According to its official website (https://twitchrp.com/), the community has over 20,000 active members.

Players can work in recycling, delivery, mechanic, car dealership, and many other jobs available on the server. You can also perform side hustles such as fishing, mining, hunting, and many other things that are listed under the Hobbies category.

2) GTA World RP

While most servers require players to use headphones and a mic to communicate with others, GTA World RP ditches this aspect and puts emphasis on text-based communication. Therefore, players who prefer privacy and don’t want to communicate with strangers can try this server in 2023. However, this unique aspect also makes the admission process of the popular RP server a little lengthy.

Similar to Eclipse RP, this option uses the RageMP Client to run the gameplay server. Although players can donate to join the server, there is no pay-to-win scenario, and the moderators promote equal gameplay for all.

1) NoPixel

GTA 5 NoPixel is the biggest and most popular RP server in the community. The server was launched in 2016 and recently upgraded to Nopixel 3.0 version. It is worth noting that it is one of the most demanded servers, and there is always a long queue of players to join the gameplay.

Despite this, players can become a patron and donate money to boost their joining process. The server has around 200 spots. However, the moderators only allow 32 players at a time to provide a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

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