Bully 2 might come out after GTA 6

Bully 2 might come out after GTA 6

Bully 2 might come out after GTA 6

Bully 2 might come out after GTA 6 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

On October 8, prominent GTA informer Tez2 posted a comment on GTAForums about the possibility of Rockstar Games releasing the highly anticipated Bully 2 after the official release of GTA 6.

Bully 2 is the proposed sequel to the highly acclaimed Bully, which came out in 2006. The game has since gained a huge cult following, and for many Rockstar fans, Bully is still one of the most unique games the developer has ever released.

Bully 2 Release Date: When is the Gaming Coming Out?

As it is a game that was not a part of a vast franchise when it came out like the Red Dead series or the GTA series, it was a stand-alone game that took various aspects from both these series and put a very realistic spin on them. This article will explore this insider information further.

Bully 2 will release after GTA 6, says insider

An industry insider has said that Bully 2 might be on its way after the release of Grand Theft Auto VI. Given that this game is expected to arrive some time in 2025, may the years be kind to fans of Rockstar Games.

The above Reddit post is a screenshot of Tez2’s initial comment about Bully 2’s development after the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. He also mentioned that Rockstar Games was developing the sequel for two years before it got shelved, so there is a high possibility of the American video game company restarting the Bully 2 project again.

Furthermore, Bully 2 was shelved in favor of more extensive and grander projects. Restarting this project will make sense if Rockstar Games is trying to diversify its future projects and focus on other low-key IPs, especially following the release of the behemoth GTA 6.

The first Bully game was also smaller in scale compared to the major series Rockstar Games generally focuses on. This made it special for hardcore fans, as it was able to carve its own identity and stand out from the rest of the company’s games.

Moreover, according to Tez2, Rockstar Games has been very slow in releasing games in recent years, so having much smaller projects like Bully 2 would be helpful if they are looking to release multiple games much faster like they did during the 2000s.

Here’s how the Bully community reacted to this rumor

One user has already started predicting that after the official release of Grand Theft Auto 6, the Rockstar Games fanbase will start speculating about Bully 2. It will be the next IP that everyone will still be getting obsessed with.

Another user expressed their opinion, stating that Rockstar Games has many prominent games from their popular series, and it is now time for them to focus on other IPs as it has been a while since they have done anything like that.

In the above-embedded comment, the user points out that after Rockstar Games releases Grand Theft Auto 6, it will be tough for them to create a follow-up game that will go even beyond this highly anticipated title of their most popular series. So, they can only go back to their old IPs and revive them for the old-school fans.

Bully 2 might come out after GTA 6

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