GTA 6 Protagonists: Why dual in is preferable to one Protagonist

GTA 6 Protagonists: Why dual in is preferable to one Protagonist

Why dual protagonists in GTA 6 is preferable to one

Why dual protagonists in GTA 6 is preferable to one (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The GTA 6 leaks gave a sneak peek of its gameplay, showcasing the game’s two protagonists.

The series has always had only one protagonist until the recent Grand Theft Auto 5 introduced the concept of multiple characters and swapping between them. Although it was rumored that the upcoming title could feature up to four different main characters, recent reports and leaks suggest that there will only be two.

The choice to go with dual protagonists was the correct decision. Developers workshopped multiple options before arriving at this conclusion. This article will dive into a few reasons why their choice makes total sense.

Multiple GTA 6 Protagonists Would Ruin Its Story

Multiple GTA 6 Protagonists Would Ruin Its Story

Multiple GTA 6 Protagonists Would Ruin Its Story (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Grand Theft Auto 6 has a lot of potential, and it needs one protagonist, not multiple ones, to tie it all together and avoid GTA 5’s mistakes.

After nine long years, Rockstar Games has announced a new entry in the beloved Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 6, but it needs to avoid a GTA 5 mistake in order to be the best game it can. GTA 5 featured three separate protagonists, and although multiple protagonists can add to some games, GTA isn’t one of them. Having a single protagonist that lasts for the whole game is likely the best choice, and would help GTA 6 be even better than its predecessor.

GTA 5’s multiple protagonists muddled the story and made it too complicated, which GTA 6 needs to avoid. Moving away from the previous game and into its own story with a singular playable character can open up the next GTA and give it more options to rework GTA 5’s repetitive story missions. The Red Dead Redemption series stands as a perfect example of this and should serve as a model for GTA 6 to work with. Although details on the game are still largely unknown, now that it’s officially confirmed, GTA 6’s release date and news on its features could come at any time.

GTA 6 dual protagonists will likely steal the show

GTA 6 will present the player with a dual perspective based on recent leaks. One of them will be the series’ first female protagonist, allegedly a Latina. The duo seems to be a couple whose story is inspired by Bonnie and Clyde.

By reducing the number of protagonists, GTA 6 can tell a more focused story around the duo, as it seems they will pull off significant missions/heists together.

Players will be able to experience different perspectives of the shared stories, and they will be able to connect with other characters. Dual characters will also allow the developers to create missions specifically for each, adding diversity to gameplay which might not be possible in the case of only one protagonist.

Each protagonist will have a different personality, allowing players to see the game’s open world uniquely. This will result in more gameplay variety and character-specific elements that players can enjoy on their beloved map.

As the two characters go about their journey, several encounters with side characters offer a chance to introduce new storylines. The supporting cast has played a fundamental role in adding realism to the title. Several supporting characters alter the main storyline, becoming catalysts for change.

GTA 6 Protagonists

Vice City will offer both protagnoists ample space to roam

All the reports and leaks suggest that the upcoming GTA 6 will be set in none other than the fan-requested Vice City. In one of the leaked footage, a male protagonist was seen around the in-game metro rail bearing the following name:

“Vice City Metro M..”

Another clip showed a protagonist driving a car and turning to one of the iconic areas of Vice City, the “Washington Beach.” These leaks also confirm an earlier report by famous Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, who reported that the game’s map would be set in a version of Vice City.

In his report, he stated that the developers might release constant updates for the game after its launch, adding more missions and new cities to expand the map over time. He also predicted the game’s release date to be between April 2023 and March 2024. However, it looks like fans won’t be able to play the game for a few years, thanks to a prediction made by a reliable insider.

According to Adrien Perea, the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game will not be released before 2025 as the game’s not ready yet. Perea is famous for his accurate predictions for the delay of Hogwarts Legacy and Forspoken video games.

Rockstar mentioned that they would introduce the game when it’s ready in an official statement. Players can expect an update on the game as soon as the developers promise. They can continue to hustle in GTA Online and enjoy The Criminal Enterprises update.

GTA 6 Protagonists: Why dual in is preferable to one Protagonist

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