Every major GTA 6 map leak that has come up till now

Every major GTA 6 map leak that has come up till now

Every major GTA 6 map leak that has come up till now

There have been many map leaks for GTA 6 (Images via GTA RP Servers)

Anything related to GTA 6 and the upcoming game’s maps is bound to generate interest within the loyal Rockstar community. Because of this, over the years, there have been many different supposed GTA 6 map leaks that have been discussed and analyzed by GTA players.

Although none of these map leaks have been proven to be true or confirmed by Rockstar Games themselves, they still capture significant attention, with many even hoping for these leaks to come true.

To archive these map leaks, this article will present all of the most popular  that have come out.

GTA 6 map leak

Here are all of the popular GTA 6 map leaks that have come out over the years

The Bloomberg Report

Interestingly, this particular leak was revealed by reputed journalist Jason Schreier. Although none of his claims are officially recognized by Rockstar Games, he still provided many believable points about the development of GTA 6.

A major portion of his report reads:

“Early designs called for the inclusion of territories modeled after large swaths of North and South America, according to people familiar with the plans. But the company reeled in those ambitions and cut the main map down to a fictional version of Miami and its surrounding areas.”

This statement clearly implies that GTA 6 is going to take place in Vice City. Many other insiders also believe that it will be a modern iteration of Vice City that players have never seen before.

This leak went viral last year when it was posted on both 4chan and Reddit. Many players had faith in this leak, as many aspects of the map’s design, writing, and art style looked rather authentic, feeling it was actually created by Rockstar Games.

But soon, players began analyzing the map’s design more carefully and found many aspects of it to be photoshopped. Finally, the leaker himself decided to post a video on YouTube about how he created the map to troll people, although he later deleted that video.



This map was created by designer dkDesign (Images via dkDesign)

Bocobocaco presented their own GTA 6 leaks and claimed that the upcoming title would take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Players were quick to spot the discrepancies in his claims, and many even noticed that the map he revealed actually belonged to another artist.

Funnily enough, even after all of these call-outs, he returned with yet another supposed image for Grand Theft Auto 6’s map. This time, he claimed that Grand Theft Auto 6 would be set in a south-western Columbian city called Cali.

Players again believe that all the information provided by this leaker is fake, as he generally regurgitates the same rumors that were popular at the time in the community and made maps on the basis of that. His Twitter account is currently suspended.

GTA 6 map leak

2018 Map leak

This was one of the earliest Grand Theft Auto 6 map leaks that caught everybody’s attention in the Grand Theft Auto community. The map presented two cities, Vice City and Rio De Janeiro. This meant that the leak was claiming that players would be able to explore two different maps in the upcoming title.

There are other islands in the mix as well, one of which was claimed to be Cuba. Fortunately, this leak was soon debunked as the players discovered that the map was based on actual satellite imagery of both Miami and Rio De Janeiro.

Every major GTA 6 map leak that has come up till now

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