Exploring all GTA 6 map leaks revealed till now as of 2022

Exploring all GTA 6 map leaks revealed till now as of 2022

Exploring all GTA 6 map leaks revealed till now as of 2022

A fan-made map based on how Rockstar Games could portray Rio de Janeiro (Image via gdn001, DeviantArt)

Out of all types of GTA 6 leaks, map leaks are the most bizarre. From heavily photoshopped satellite maps to posting pictures of real-life map posters, there are countless means to make a fake. This article compiles all the major supposed GTA 6 map leaks and explores them.

Exploring all GTA 6 map leaks

All major map leaks for GTA 6

5) 2018 map leak

While there have been many rumors about the supposed location of GTA 6, the first alleged map only came out in 2018. This shows two different island locations, one of which supposedly represents Vice City while the other is based on the map of Rio de Janeiro.

There are a few additional islands as well, which are scattered between the two larger islands. One of these is apparently based on Cuba, and is conveniently located at the center. Fans found that realistic-looking maps were manipulated pictures made using real-life satellite imagery of Miami and Rio.

In addition, the island based on Rio looked like it was pulled from one of the Tropico games. In fact, Tropico 3 has a similar-looking island that resembles a human foot. As expected, most have dismissed this alleged leak as a hoax.

4) 2021 map leak

However, what gave away the authenticity was the shaky camera footage. Whenever a supposed ‘leak’ only manages to show blurry pictures or footage, it is almost guaranteed to be fake.

Strange fonts and badly designed roads were also dead giveaways. Much of the style of the map resembled the design of the 3D Universe games and not the HD Universe ones. However, the leaker worked quite hard to create a certain part of the map, detailed in the next section of this article.

3) Fred’s Fun World

The leaker who made the fake 2021 map was the same person who did the Fred’s Fun World concept map. It looked much more convincing than the game map itself. The concept art looked like a highly-detailed poster filled with the usual Rockstar humor found in GTA games.

Some fans found out that the Fred Quincy face used in the poster was a photoshopped variant of a stock image. Meanwhile, Fred’s Fun World lines up with the 2021 map leak mentioned above. There is a specific region on the map that perfectly fits with the layout of this amusement park.

This information revealed that both these leaks were done by a single person and were most likely fake. Eventually, the leaker himself made a video (seen above) about how they made this fake leak to troll the fans.

2) BOCOBACO map leak #1

BOCOBACO map leak

Part of a wall poster that is available to buy online (Image via dkDesign, Displate)

BOCO (@BOCOBOCACO) is a Portuguese leaker who has been tweeting about GTA 6 for some time now. His leaks seem wildly speculative, or present contradictory information. At times, the alleged leak turns out to be some old rumors that most in the community are already aware of.

He also tweeted out some images and claimed that these could be maps for GTA 6. The first map shows a specific portion of a city and looks rather convincing at first glance. According to him, the map will be set in Rio de Janeiro and will cover 72.11 square kilometers.

He also stated emphatically that all other map leaks are completely false. However, it was this map that turned out to be completely false instead. Fans found out that this was part of a stylized map of Rio de Janeiro made by a graphic designer named dkDesign.

1) BOCOBACO map leak #2

Exploring all GTA 6 map leaks

Exploring all GTA 6 map leaks revealed till now as of 2022 (Image via Boco/Twitter)


from BOCO turned out to be another fake, as it was yet another poster of a real-world city. The map in question is of Cali, a major city in southwestern Colombia. When fans pointed this out, the alleged leaker replied that it could still be real.

BOCO eventually ended up agreeing that it was fake by stating that Rockstar doesn’t copy and paste real-world maps. However, many GTA fans initially ended up believing his leaks when they came out. This is why one should always be skeptical of any such leak in general.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s opinion.

Exploring all GTA 6 map leaks revealed till now as of 2022

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