Fans still don’t know anything about GTA 6

Fans still don’t know anything about GTA 6

Fans still don’t know anything about GTA 6

The game’s cover isn’t even known yet, so news websites often rely on fan-made ones (Image via TechnoChops)

Many gamers wish that they knew more about GTA 6, but the sad truth is that not much is known about the game. All they do know is that Rockstar Games is working on a new game in the Grand Theft Auto Series. As far as leaks are concerned, there isn’t anything credible that players can rely on for knowledge.

Most GTA 6 leaks often boil down to hearsay. There is a chance that some leaks are genuine, but it’s far more probable that they are utterly bogus. Nonetheless, it’s worth going over the little that is known about the game and why fans desperately believe every leak they see.

Fans still don’t know anything about GTA 6

What gamers know about GTA 6

The above tweet features Rockstar Games announcing that they are working on a new Grand Theft Auto game. It doesn’t confirm anything else past that, yet it quickly became their most-liked tweet in history. Considering how desperate gamers are for any news on the title, that’s not surprising.

However, not even the name of the game was revealed (it hasn’t even been confirmed that it would be called GTA 6). This means gamers don’t know any of the following:

  • Its official name
  • Its release date
  • Any gameplay details

Such details come from leaks, which cannot be credibly confirmed at present. The only thing that gamers can guarantee for a fact is that Rockstar Games is working on another Grand Theft Auto title.

Supposed leaks for GTA 6

There isn’t anything else known about this game, which leads gamers to cling to desperate news and leaks. For example, the above Reddit post includes a Tweet from somebody who says the following text (translated from French):

“Obviously, an announcement is preparing. I don’t know yet when, or what it will concern, but it would be “a new project.” It can happen relatively quickly.”

It’s always the vaguest and most obvious piece of information, given that it could never be wrong unless Rockstar Games ceased production as a company (not going to happen any time soon). This tweet doesn’t even list GTA 6 by name, but it has been making some rounds online, as evident by the video below.

Fans still don’t know anything about GTA 6

GTA 6 leaks vary depending on which one a gamer looks at, but they tend to have some common similarities:

  • It takes place in Vice City
  • There are multiple protagonists
  • There is a female protagonist
  • An announcement comes this year or the next one
  • The game will come out in a few years

As previously mentioned, none of those details can be confirmed at the moment. They’re simply accepted as a core part of most leaks. Some leaks go an extra step in terms of being more specific.

For example, the above leak comes from a supposed insider, who shows off something very similar to the female protagonist known as Rose. Some of this leaker’s intimations even reveal how she’s a cop and some supposed storyline details, which is more than what most other leaks tend to do.

However, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the leak is authentic. There are hundreds of different GTA 6 leaks, so covering them all wouldn’t be too realistic here, but readers should know that none of them show credible gameplay footage yet.

Thus, they should be patient until more credible leaks arrive.

Fans still don’t know anything about GTA 6

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