GTA 6 finally see its first major female protagonist?

Female Protagonist in GTA 6 | GTA 6 finally see its first major female protagonist?

Female Protagonist in GTA 6

GTA 6 female protagonist (Image via @MrBossFTW)

Even though the GTA games are thought of as more of a “guy’s game” there is no reason to believe that the fans are not due a female protagonist in GTA 6. Leaks in the past year have led players to believe that this might be the case – GTA’s first female protagonist.

A leak dating back to December 2019 from an alleged Rockstar Games tester, if it is to be believed, let GTA fans know details about the map and the potential protagonists for GTA 6.

This article talks about some of the leaked information, leading the GTA Community to believe there will be a female protagonist in GTA 6.

GTA 6: Female protagonist

GTA 5 made it a whole new ball-game for GTA players by having a multi-protagonist style of game. This was the first time GTA players could choose between three protagonists – Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

This tells the GTA Community that they will more than likely keep multiple character selection available to players in GTA 6, as it proved so successful in GTA 5. There is also a chance they could introduce a “custom character” system where each GTA player can create their very own unique avatar, male or female, old or young, fat or skinny.

GTA 6 hopefuls want to see a female protagonist experience the lifestyle of a real criminal mastermind.

Social Media leaks GTA 6 information

Stuntman and actor Tim Neff has had a history of working for Rockstar in the motion capture department. His resume says he worked on Red Dead 2 and GTA 6 in 2016 and 2017.

Rockstar has denied Tim’s claims of working on GTA 6, and Tim himself said that he was not working on either of the games. However, when Red Dead 2 was released in 2018, Tim Neff was listed in the credits. Perhaps what he said about GTA 6 was a lie too.

Jan 10th 2021 saw another well known industry insider for the past ten years, Tom Henderson, tweet the following:

“For the first time ever in a GTA title, GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist.” – @_TomHenerson

On Reddit, fans were told a bit more about the map, setting, and supposed characters. There has also been a person claiming to be a Rockstar QA tester who has said there will be two main protagonists, a brother and a sister. This sounds like confirmation of a female protagonist to a lot of players.

Female Protagonist in GTA 6

It has been said that actor John Leguizamo will be playing the main protagonist, leaving GTA fans wondering who his sister and fellow protagonist could be if the leaks are believed. As well as Leguizamo, fans heard that the main female antagonist will be played by Roselyn Sanches. GTA players and fans hope there is some truth to these rumors.

Potential protagonist and antagonist in GTA 6

Potential protagonist and antagonist in GTA 6 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

While Rockstar tend to be very good at keeping secrets, there are some that just can’t stay secret. For example, in 2019 Rockstar hired “scouts” to research Miami, which is the basis for GTA Vice City design. If this isn’t a big hint then the GTA Community does not know what to think.

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Female Protagonist in GTA 6 | GTA 6 finally see its first major female protagonist?

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