Female Streamers in India: Galaxy Racer South Asia on celebrating women in gaming

Female Streamers in India: Galaxy Racer South Asia on celebrating women in gaming

Female Streamers in India

Galaxy Racer South Asia on celebrating women in gaming (Image via Instagram)

To establish a foothold in the gaming industry, both male and female players receive better outcomes in terms of reach and popularity if they are associated with a gaming organization. Galaxy Racer is one such organization that has a global market presence.

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Galaxy Racer’s South Asian division on creating opportunities for females gamers

Romeo Misao, Galaxy Racer’s Head of Marketing (South Asia and India), talked about how the company’s main target is to create a thriving gaming atmosphere beyond gender bias:

“Galaxy Racer believes in creating an inclusive gaming ecosystem for female gamers across all regions. Women are an integral part of the gaming community, and we represent some of the most exceptional female gamers and content creators in Galaxy Racer and Nigma Galaxy, our esports division.”

He also hopes to encourage women in gaming via the female-driven esports initiatives:

“This Women’s Day we would like to celebrate the incredible talent of female gamers and creators in the industry. We take great pride in our female-driven esports initiatives that promote inclusivity in the field of gaming, and hope to see even more outstanding female gamers succeed in following their passion for gaming in the future.”

One of the female streamers in Galaxy Racer’s South Asian roster, Star Tania, commented on how women are breaking stereotypical notions and creating an identity in the gaming world:

“I’m glad to see the rise in the number of female streamers in India over the last few years. Many talented female gamers and creators are creating a name for themselves online, and are crushing age-old stereotypes about women and games. We are seeing women take up a variety of roles in the gaming industry, from professional players to streamers, influencers, and much more. I’m excited to see the day where women keep following their dreams and dominate the streaming platforms as well!”

Bright Fox is another content creator who, under the banner of Galaxy Racer, has over 279K subscribers on YouTube and over 500K subscribers on Booyah!. She encouraged more women to chase their dreams and pursue their passion:

“The gaming community has definitely become more inclusive towards women in recent years, which is a promising sign. There are a lot of opportunities for women gamers to break out and be recognized in the field. I hope this trend continues, and encourages a lot more women to step out of their comfort zone and chase their dreams in a gaming ecosystem that is increasingly welcoming to all.”

Female Streamers in India: Galaxy Racer South Asia on celebrating women in gaming

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