Top 5 Good Whitelisted Fivem Server GTA 5 RP to join 2024

Top 5 Good Whitelisted Fivem Server GTA 5 RP to join 2024

Discover 5 Great Whitelisted FiveM Servers for GTA 5 RP to Join in 2024 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 Roleplay (RP) has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, captivating the gaming and streaming communities. With the increasing demand to join RP servers, players often find themselves navigating through the challenge of server applications and specific rules. While prominent servers like NoPixel have high entry barriers due to overwhelming applications, there are alternatives that offer a smoother path into the immersive world of GTA RP. Here, we present the top 5 whitelisted Fivem GTA 5 RP servers for those seeking a distinctive roleplaying experience.

GTA RP: 5 best whitelisted fivem servers that players can join in 2024

1) GTA World – Text-Based Immersion

GTA World stands out as an ideal choice for players who are intrigued by roleplaying but prefer text-based communication over voice interaction. This server operates on the RageMP client, offering a diverse range of jobs for players to explore. If you’re looking for an alternative to the conventional voice-based RP experience, GTA World provides an immersive platform to unleash your creativity.

2) Mafia City RP

Mafia City RP distinguishes itself with a rich library of animations that enhance the roleplaying experience. This server allows hundreds of players to congregate in a single lobby, promoting interactive gameplay where real players assume all in-game roles. The absence of non-playable characters adds to the immersive environment, making Mafia City RP a unique choice for RP enthusiasts.

3) New Day RP

New Day RP is a pretty popular GTA 5 roleplay server that some players might wish to try out. Anybody interested in joining should know that they will need a legit copy of GTA 5. A Discord account and phone number are used for verification when you’re on the official forums tied to this server. If you are unwilling to do all that, you will have to search for a different roleplay server.

4) Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP introduces several unique features that set it apart from other servers. Players can own pets and even pursue a career as a professional poker player within the game. The server utilizes advanced scripts to diversify job roles, and interactions are primarily voice-based. Like Mafia City RP, Eclipse RP accommodates hundreds of players in a single lobby, ensuring a bustling in-game world.

5) Lucid City RP

Lucid City RP is the perfect choice for newcomers to the GTA RP scene. The server relies on its community to deliver an enjoyable experience, adhering to regulations similar to those of other GTA 5 RP servers. It prioritizes roleplaying and boasts various features, including the inclusion of the Cayo Perico island from GTA Online. With a commitment to maintaining a high-quality roleplaying environment, Lucid City RP enforces strict rules to enhance immersion and enjoyment.

In the diverse landscape of GTA 5 RP servers, these top 5 whitelisted Fivem options offer unique experiences for all types of roleplayers. Whether you seek text-based interaction, immersive animations, realism, unique features, or a welcoming community, there’s a server to suit your preferences and provide a memorable GTA RP adventure.

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