Grand Theft Auto 6 Should Really Celebrate RP Servers

Grand Theft Auto 6 Should Really Celebrate RP Servers

Grand Theft Auto 6 Should Really Celebrate RP Servers

Grand Theft Auto 6 Should Really Celebrate RP Servers (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 has huge amounts of attention already on it. This next big Rockstar game is arguably one of the most anticipated titles that the gaming sphere has ever witnessed.

Given this unprecedented amount of anticipation, it is no wonder that fans are expecting the game to provide the most comprehensive and detailed gameplay experience that the famous franchise has ever provided.

The most popular fan-based aspects of Grand Theft Auto 5

Of course, a lot of the offered experience for Grand Theft Auto 6 will likely involve brand-new elements that the IP has never seen before, although the release would be remiss to not look towards the most popular elements of its predecessor when deciding what it should include.

One of the most popular fan-based aspects of Grand Theft Auto 5 concerns the recent growth in role playing servers, which ultimately provide an immersive multiplayer experience that GTA 6 should include as a standard.

Grand Theft Auto 5 RP Servers

Role playing servers for Grand Theft Auto 5 have exploded in popularity in recent years, primarily through the use of modded multiplayer servers for GTA Online on PC versions of the game.

With GTA 5 originally releasing about a decade ago, the rise of RP servers is indicative of the sustained relevance and popularity of the title, as well as the continued ingenuity of its most dedicated fans.

These servers allow players to take on specific jobs or roles within the Los Santos game world, adding an entirely new element to streaming for Grand Theft Auto 5. 

This helped the game undergo a form of cultural renaissance in recent times. Grand Theft Auto 5 RP servers like NoPixel have risen to the top of this form of gameplay, with some of the title’s top Twitch streamers having sustained presences within these servers that have only increased the newfound popularity of GTA RP even further.

How Grand Theft Auto 6 Could Celebrate RP Servers

When considering the intense contemporary popularity of RP servers in Grand Theft Auto Online, it only makes sense that Grand Theft Auto 6 should embrace this aspect of multiplayer gameplay. Whereas the current state of GTA 5 RP requires mods within dedicated multiplayer servers, GTA 6 would be smart to include the mode within the base game.

GTA Online is already a massive success for the franchise, with Rockstar making millions from the addictive multiplayer hustle that sees players rise from street criminal to crime kingpin. It only makes sense that this mode will receive even more attention within GTA 6.

The addition of a dedicated RP mode for Grand Theft Auto 6’s online section would be sure to go down well with fans, while crucially offering the form of gameplay to a much wider catchment of fans.

As it stands, GTA RP is only really available to PC users of Grand Theft Auto 5, since the more intricate mechanics of RP can only be accessed with the help of mods. This effectively excludes the GTA franchise’s huge console player base from engaging in detailed RP.

That could easily be remedied should Rockstar fully embrace RP within Grand Theft Auto 6. Of course, it is to be expected that all aspects of Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a significant step up from the last game, given the huge amount of time that has passed since the initial launch of GTA 5.

While GTA Online will also likely be expanded, Rockstar should include a dedicated RP mode in order to tap into the huge recent popularity of RP and make it available to more fans.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Should Really Celebrate RP Servers

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