GTA 5 free download links – Why players shouldn’t click on Links

GTA 5 free download links – Why players shouldn’t click on Links

GTA 5 free download

download GTA V for free is dangerous (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 is one of the most popular games, and the number of players is increasing daily. Even almost a decade after its launch, they are still crazy about the game’s vast offerings. However, this popularity has also cost users and Rockstar Games a heavy price because of scams.

If you have come to our article because you are trying to download GTA V for free, read to the end to understand how dangerous and not worth it.

Everyone likes freebies, and some people don’t want to buy games. Often, they search for alternate options to download GTA 5 for free.

Taking advantage of such cases, scammers release suspicious links and websites that have cost people fortunes.

Five reasons to avoid GTA 5 free download links

5) Piracy

GTA 5 and GTA Online are popular games, and Rockstar earns enormous revenues from them. Hence, there is no question that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be free.

Except on one occasion when it was free for all from an official source for a limited period. Anything other than that is a scam or piracy.

As responsible citizens, gamers should avoid all kinds of piracy. As the developers have worked hard to deliver a great gaming experience, believing and clicking on suspicious free download links is a big no.

GTA 5 free download

4) Risk of phishing

GTA 5 is a big game and contains many game files, including hidden files. Common people do not understand these files as they are written in computer codes.

Scammers can hide phishing links and files within those files without the user’s knowledge. Phishing is a kind of fraud where scammers send tools or data collection links to the user’s computer without their attention.

These phishing tools can collect and send users’ sensitive data, like passwords, personal files, etc., to scammers. Therefore, players should always stay away from dubious free download gta 5 links.

3) Risk to privacy

Privacy is one of the fundamental rights of human beings. As part of phishing, scammers can stalk their activities through their computers and access sensitive tools like cameras and microphones.

The phishing tool acts as a parasite that reveals the user’s activities to scammers.

As the era of the internet advances, games are becoming online, which requires constant internet access. This significantly increases the risk to privacy, so gamers should avoid clicking on suspicious download links that claim to give GTA 5 for free.

2) Virus and ransomware attack

What’s so good to be true is always a scam. Rockstar does not offer GTA 5 for free and hasn’t authorized anyone to do so. Therefore, all the suspicious links claiming to offer GTA V for free are scams, and players should not fall for them.

Like phishing tools, when a computer is infected by a potent virus, it becomes difficult to recover. Often, it results in formatting the software or changing it.

Ransomware attacks lock the user’s computer and prevent them from doing anything. The system is totally under the scammer’s control, and they demand heavy prices to unlock it.

1) Hacker

The fear of getting hacked is one of the worst, and gamers should maintain a strict distance from activities that may lead them to such situations. Most of the time, these fake free download GTA V pages are set up by hackers to catch easy prey.

Buy GTA V on Official Platforms

GTA players should always be aware of such traps and refrain from clicking on free download links. GTA 5 is officially available on Rockstar Social Club, Epic Games, Steam for PC, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store.

Users can check for occasional offers and discounts and download the original game from them. Other than these sources, they should always avoid websites that claim to provide Download GTA V for free.

GTA 5 free download links – Why players shouldn’t click on Links

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