GTA 5 on Android devices: How to play the game using remote play in 2023

GTA 5 on Android devices: How to play the game using remote play in 2023

GTA 5 on Android devices in 2023

GTA 5 on Android devices in 2023 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 is one of the most popular games of the decade, with a thriving player population. Rockstar Games first published the game in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and it was later ported to the PC in 2015.

This article describes how Android users can use remote play to enjoy GTA 5 on their smartphones in 2023.

How To Play GTA 5 On An Android Device

The gaming company has yet to release the game on mobile devices, and given its current agenda, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon, if at all. However, PC players can use some tools to enjoy the AAA title on their smartphones. Although the game does not support these platforms natively, players can use Steam’s remote play feature to control it from their handheld devices.

Things to consider before playing GTA 5 on Android with remote play

Steam’s remote play function allows users to play their games on smartphones. However, one must own or have purchased the game beforehand to play it on mobile devices. Grand Theft Auto 5 players who want to use the remote play feature should purchase the game on Steam first. It costs $29.98 on the website and requires over 100 GB of Hard Disk Drive space.

Once installed, launch the game and complete all setup-related tasks, such as account registration and product verification. If you don’t do these things first and attempt to run the game via remote play, you may need to return to the PC to set things up.

Steam Link

After that, download the Steam Link app from the Google Play Store. While such remote play applications are abundant on the website, GTA 5 players must download the one developed by Valve Corporation.

Next, pair and verify your Android smartphone with your Steam account. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Steam and click on Steam in the menu bar.
  2. Select Settings and then Remote Play from the left panel.
  3. On the right panel, click on the Enable Remote Play checkbox if not already checked.
  4. Click on Pair Steam Link.
  5. Go back to your smartphone and scan for computers to connect to. Your PC and Android smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  6. Once it detects your computer, tap on it to reveal the PIN.
  7. Return to Steam on your PC and enter the PIN in the prompted dialog box.
  8. You should see your smartphone name on the paired devices list on Steam.
  9. Go back to your smartphone, and you should see it testing your internet speed. To play GTA 5 without lags, you must have a decent to fast internet connection.
  10. Once everything is set up, click on the Start Playing button on your smartphone.
  11. Your device will connect to your PC, and after a few seconds, you should see your game catalog on your screen.
  12. Select GTA 5 and press play.
  13. Select which version of the game you want to launch: Story Mode or GTA Online.

The application utilizes on-screen controls to control the game remotely. You can also use an external controller to enjoy the game on your Android device.

GTA 5 on Android devices Method-2: Using Xbox pass.

Requirements: An active Xbox pass subscription, a reliable broadband speed.

1) Download the Xbox Game Pass from the Google Play store.
2) You will be asked to sign in to the app. Use the same credentials you used for the Xbox Game Pass subscription.
3) On the home screen, make sure you are on the Cloud tab.
4) Search for GTA V and tap on Play.
5) And here you go. Now you should be able to play it.

In these 2 ways, you can play GTA V on android at ease.

GTA 5 is a massive game that necessitates adequate hardware capacity. While your smartphone does not require PC-level specifications, it must be capable of handling the game through the internet.

GTA 5 on Android devices: How to play the game using remote play in 2023

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