GTA 5 RP | Updates Post Rockstar Acquisition

GTA 5 RP | Updates Post Rockstar Acquisition

After Rockstar’s Acquisition, Stay Informed on GTA 5 RP with Updates. (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Over a month after its official acquisition by Rockstar Games, GTA 5 RP FiveM developer shared its first community update on September 15, 2023. Both the American gaming studio and the popular roleplaying server host were silent for a month after announcing their integration on August 11, 2023. The latter has finally broken its silence and answered a few questions from the community.

The community update gave Grand Theft Auto 5 RP players details of the official steps Rockstar Games and FiveM are taking in regard to the roleplaying aspect.

GTA 5 RP FiveM finally shared a community update, answered many important questions

The team recently posted “Community Pulse – September 2023 Edition” on X (formerly Twitter), addressing questions from the GTA 5 RP community. The update highlighted the influence of Rockstar Games’ acquisition, confirming that Rockstar now wholly owns the FiveM/ brand. This clarified any confusion among fans about whether it was a partnership or a full acquisition, as official Rockstar developers are now collaborating with FiveM devs to enhance the RP experience.

The community update highlighted the following points in regard to upgrading the GTA RP experience:

  • Improvement of the overall stability of the infrastructure to reduce downtime.
  • Upgrading the customer support experience.
  • Solving safety and security-related concerns using Rockstar Games’ tools.
  • Overall improvement of both FiveM and RedM platforms.

The update also clarified that the acquisition by Rockstar Games would not change anything about how both FiveM and RedM platforms function. The developer stated:

“…we do not intend to make major changes to the way FiveM and RedM currently function. The team continues to operate as before, with the freedom to make decisions as before…”

Nonetheless, the well-known modding community introduced alterations to its Terms of Service and introduced new regulations for GTA 5 roleplaying servers. As stated in their official announcement, the team took action by removing several RP servers that had breached their terms.

Servers which promote violent extremism, graphic sexual content, abuse and depiction of children, as well as other related offenses have been warned to rectify their gameplay as soon as possible.


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