GTA 5 RP on NoPixel: Streamers who quit playing to server

GTA 5 RP on NoPixel: Streamers who quit playing to server

GTA 5 RP on NoPixel: Streamers who quit playing to server

GTA 5 RP on NoPixel: Streamers who quit playing to server (Image via GTA RP Servers)

While GTA 5 RP is fun to play, various circumstances may arise when it is no longer possible to play it on the NoPixel servers.

There are several reasons why players end up quitting GTA 5 RP. Creative burnouts, bannable offenses, or life-altering conditions may force streamers to consider alternatives. They might even leave the genre altogether.

No matter the reason, NoPixel has seen its fair share of streamers give up on the game. Sometimes a player leaves on their own terms, and sometimes they do not. Regardless, there are several exits from the GTA 5 RP that left a noticeable impression on their fanbases.

Five streamers who no longer play GTA 5 RP on NoPixel

5) GreekGodx

Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos (born: October 6, 1992 [age 30]), better known online as Greekgodx, is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is known for his lives streams commentary, reactions & gaming such as League of Legends.

GreekGodx is no stranger to controversy, with one particular incident involving the arrest of his character, Tay Taay. He made a sexual comment toward a female officer from within his prison cell, calling her “thickness” multiple times.

The situation got awkward as the female officer became silent and no longer engaged in the conversation. While GreekGodx maintained he was in character, NoPixel mods already heard enough. They went into immediate action and banned him a few minutes after the incident.

GTA 5 RP is now behind GreekGodx, as he has long since moved on from those days. He now spends his time playing slot games and gambling away his hard-earned savings. But his popularity endures, as GreekGodz still retains over 1.5 million Twitch followers.

GTA 5 RP on NoPixel: Streamers who quit playing to server

4) Zombie_Barricades

Zombie_Barricades started streaming on Twitch on September 11, 2012 and uploading ARMA 2 content to his YouTube channel in February 2013. According to his Twitch chat bot, Zombie_Barricades has around 7,700 subscribers.

Tyrone Biggums took his role as a Ballas leader seriously. For certain players, he may have taken it too seriously. Zombie_Barricades led the East Side Ballas and turned Los Santos into a state-wide combat zone. Power was everything to Tyrone Biggums, and he was willing to do anything to keep it.

However, Zombie_Barricades was always the loudest voice in the room. He got into several heated arguments with NoPixel moderators. Players accused him of powergaming at various points throughout the gang wars. Eventually, NoPixel had enough and banned him from the server.

East Side Ballas no longer had any control over their territories and crumbled into dust. Zombie_Barricades now regularly frequents SummitRP. While not as well known as other GTA 5 RP servers, SummitRP has its fair share of fans. He plays on this server almost daily, still up to his usual hijinx.

3) Lullichiiqa

Lullichiiqa was a part of the Grove Street Family when she and Afro drove up to rob xQc. However, after barely dodging a bullet to the head, the latter proceeded to take out Lullichiiqa, Afro, and another GSF member.

After xQC got the drop on them, Lullichiiqa attempted her revenge at a later moment. She notified Afro that xQc was arriving at his apartment with a dirt bike. However, her character, Liv Lassen, had no prior knowledge of this since Jean-Paul would’ve stolen the bike only a few seconds earlier.

NoPixel mods banned Lullichiiqa for using metagaming tactics to stream snipe xQc. She mainly plays Minecraft now, although she isn’t regularly active.

Recently, Lullichiiqa announced she is no longer interested in GTA 5 RP. Instead, her Twitter feed indicates she wants to jump on the recent hot tub craze.

2) Airborne

Airborne is a beloved figure in the GTA 5 RP community. Known for his role as Dennis LaBarre, he was a judge who presided over various cases in Los Santos. The character was highly respected both in-game and outside of it. Unfortunately, real-life complications forced Airborne to retire the character.

He has muscular dystrophy, which damages his muscles over an extended period. Given how much time a streamer has to commit to his channel, Airborne could no longer continue his judicial duties.

He bid a tearful farewell to the NoPixel community, for which he administrator. Many players within the GTA 5 RP community paid their respects to Dennis Labarre, written out of ongoing storylines.

While he rarely streams these days, the retired US veteran still updates his Twitter followers with pictures of his cats. At his peak, Airborne had 20,000 Twitch followers.

1) Sodapoppin

One of the biggest names in early GTA 5 RP history is Sodapoppin. Along with Lirik and Summit1g, he energized the roleplay community with a surge of popularity that persists to this day. His character Kevin Whipaloo was a Burger Shot manager who engaged in various criminal activities.

However, GTA 5 RP is meant to be fun, unlike a real-life job. For Sodapoppin, he hit a creative wall, which took away his enjoyment of roleplaying scenarios. Stuck in a circular rut with nowhere to go, he abruptly quit GTA 5 RP despite the hit it would give his viewership.

Sodapoppin prioritized his mental health, which famous Twitch streamer Ninja commended him for. While he did contemplate a spectacular send-off for Kevin Whipaloo, Sodapoppin knew everyone in the server would try to kill him, which would cause problems. So he quietly retired the GTA 5 RP character.

GTA 5 RP on NoPixel: Streamers who quit playing to server

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