GTA 5 RP Server: GTA World, a popular “text based roleplay experience”

GTA 5 RP Server: GTA World, a popular “text based roleplay experience”

GTA 5 RP Server: GTA World

This is one of many great RP servers for GTA fans to check out (Image via GTA.World)

GTA World is a roleplay server that has attracted a fair amount of attention lately, so some RP fans might wish to know more about it. It’s essentially an RP server that relies on text to communicate with other players far more than the usual voice chats. Everything still takes place in a GTA 5 engine, so it should still be familiar with players in the roleplaying scene.

This RP server boasts the following as its top features:

  • Over 5,000 furniture items
  • Over 15 types of businesses
  • Over 30 active factions
  • Over 50 hangout spots

Aspiring roleplayers will have to use Rage MP to play this game, and they must already own GTA 5 to play GTA World. For those that don’t know, Rage MP is a mod for enabling multiplayer, but it isn’t connected to GTA Online.

It is highly useful for creating different game modes via C, C#, and Javascript.

A link to this RP server:

GTA World: An RP server heavily reliant on text

GTA World currently boasts over:

  • 137,000 users
  • 82,000 characters
  • 30 active factions
  • 1000 businesses

It features primarily English-based texts, and there are usually around 300 to 500 players online at any given time. The main draw it offers over other RP servers is the fact that it relies on text to communicate rather than voice chat. Thus, it might appeal to some players who:

  • Don’t have a microphone or don’t want to use it for one reason or another
  • Don’t want to hear other players talk (especially children or those with bad microphones)
  • Want to try something different from the norm
  • Can type quickly

It should be noted that the above trailer doesn’t highlight the text-based roleplaying. However, the following screenshot might give players a more accurate idea.

A screenshot of some gameplay

A screenshot of some gameplay (Image via BAJO)
Communication is essential to any roleplaying server. GTA World is no different, so there is still something resembling a story and other fun shenanigans taking place here. As far as how heavy gamers should roleplay in this server, the following excerpt from the official forums can answer that:

“Failing to roleplay a situation is strictly forbidden. You’re expected to be roleplaying at all times, If a player breaks the rule during the situation you must finish the roleplay and report later. You must also roleplay any injuries that occur to your character or any accidents that happen when driving, even if you are alone.”

Thus, GTA World is not for players who don’t like roleplaying and are simply looking for a server without an emphasis on voice chat.

GTA World's logo

GTA World’s logo (Image via GTA.World)

As usual, other roleplaying rules apply here; players shouldn’t powergame, metagame, or do anything else that would classify as FailRP. There are a ton of specific rules for players to keep in mind, so any curious gamer should check out the official forums:

This RP server is an active and well-moderated one, while the core concepts are still familiar to fans of other servers. At the very least, some gamers might wish to check it out.

GTA 5 RP Server: GTA World, a popular “text based roleplay experience”

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