5 most subscribed active GTA 5 RP streamers in India

5 most subscribed active GTA 5 RP streamers in India

5 most subscribed active GTA 5 RP streamers in India

5 most subscribed active GTA 5 RP streamers in India (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 RP’s popularity has been increasing daily, as popular streamers role-play in GTA RP servers for their viewers to see. Indian streamers have jumped on the trend as well.

GTA 5 RP has given a breath of fresh life to GTA 5. The eight year old game was growing stale and losing players rapidly, but since the introduction of modded RP servers, many old players have come back and many new players are giving RP a shot.

In this article, we will be looking at the most subscribed indian GTA RP streamers who are still playing RP only, so bigger channels that used to play GTA RP will not be included in this list.

Active Indian GTA RP streamers with the most subscribers

5) YT hathoda

YT hathoda is a GTA RP streamer with 39,100 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He streams GTA RP where he he does different missions and heists with his crew. They call themselves the scorpian gang.

YT hathoda has also collaborated with RakaZone Gaming as they both play on the SVRP 2.0 server.

YT hathoda streams GTA RP daily along with valorant from time to time.

Visit his channel here.

4) Potato

Potato is a GTA RP streamer with 75,400 subscribers.

His GTA RP videos include him and his friends role-playing as a crew. His videos are often comedic as he and his friends crack jokes with each other while playing.

Potato streams GTA RP content at least twice a week. He has not really streamed any other games in the past month.

Visit his channel here.

GTA 5 RP streamers in India

3) Qayzer Gaming

Qasier Khan, also known as Qayzer Gaming, is a GTA 5 RP streamer on YouTube with 85,900 subscribers.

Qayzer Gaming streams himself playing on the SVRP 2.0 server, role-playing as his character “Tillu Galoch.” He often collabs with RakaZone Gaming who also plays on the SVRP 2.0 server.

Qayzer Gaming streams GTA RP almost everyday. He rarely streams anything else, but when he does, he plays Apex Legends and does Just Chatting streams with his fans.

Visit his channel here.

2) RakaZone Gaming

RakaZone Gaming, a.k.a Rishab Karanwal is a well known GTA 5 RP streamer on YouTube with 424,000 subscribers.

RakaZone Gaming’s GTA RP videos are on the funnier side as he uses a heavy voice filter and messes around with his friends on the SVRP 2.0 server. His character “Mr. Margela” is very popular on the SVRP 2.0 server as well.

In 2018, Rakazone Gaming was awarded the “Streamer of the year” award by the India Gaming Awards (IGA).

RakaZone streams GTA RP atleast four days a week and plays other games like Valorant, Chess and Call of Duty Warzone in between.

Visit his channel here.

1) Dynamo Gaming

Adii Sawant, also known as Dynamo Gaming, is a massive GTA RP streamer with 9.54 million subscribers on YouTube.

Dynamo Gaming role-plays as his character, “Shiva Nayak,” who is a police officer. Dynamo Gaming plays on the HTPR server with his friends.

Dynamo Gaming streams GTA RP weekly and plays PUBG on other days.

Visit his channel here.

5 most subscribed active GTA 5 RP streamers in India

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