GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers in 2023

GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers in 2023

GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers in 2023

GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers in 2023 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Your GTA 5 RP experience can be greatly enhanced by joining GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers. Viewers have been looking to get involved ever since the online game made a strong return to Twitch. If you want to get on board and are wondering what servers to join, we’ve narrowed down a handful of community favorites.

Nopixel 4.0

The launch of NoPixel’s 4.0 update sparked a big interest in Grand Theft Auto RP, as streamers and viewers began pouring into Twitch’s GTA section and cementing the title in the most-viewed games. 

NoPixel, which is the standout server for GTA RP, has been around for a few years, and each time they drop a major update, players want to get in on the roleplaying action and have a go for themselves. 

Though, it’s incredibly tough. NoPixel has almost 200 server slots for players, but getting whitelisted and accepted is no easy feat. You’ve got to donate and go through a rigorous application process before you can prove your RP skills. However, some of the other best GTA RP severs are easier to access.

GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers

Eclipse RP


Other servers might not have some of NoPixel’s features, but the premise is the same. You drop into GTA V via the FiveM server menu, create a character, and roleplay to your heart’s content. All within the server’s rules, of course

One server that does come close is Eclipse. Just like NoPixel, there are plenty of ways to make money, spend it, and have a fun RP experience.
It’s got a massive server capacity, as well as a dedicated forum and Discord so that you can get involved. It’s a simple one to jump into as well, just join the site, Discord, and make yourself known.

MafiaCity GTA RP

Aside from Eclipse, there is also MafiaCity. This server is, again, roleplay-heavy, but it has some differences to the others.

For one, it’s hosted on the Rage mode and not FiveM, so NPCs can be done away with. Plus, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to roles. You can be a terrible criminal as easily as you can be a police officer or a firefighter.

Again, it’s simple to get involved. Just have the Rage mod downloaded, and you can join the server from their website. Though, introduce yourself on the Forum and Discord so you’re not a stranger. 

GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers

GTA World RP

Now, if you’re not too comfortable with switching your mic on and acting with others, then GTA World could be one of the best RP servers for you. 

In terms of top-tier RP’ers, its a little more barebones than the other servers out there, but the roleplaying possibilities are pretty unique, given you have to type out your thoughts rather than chat,

The server does offer plenty of content though, as like with others, you can deal with businesses, factions, and customize things to your heart’s content. GTA World is available through Rage too, not FiveM, and like the others has a Forum and Discord to get involved with. 

GTA RP Indian Servers – Best Servers of GTA RP India

Hydra Town Roleplay (HTRP) – Best Server of GTA RP India

Hydra Town Roleplay Server (HTRP) is one of the most popular Roleplay Servers in India. This server is open to players from neighbouring nations such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. On December 27, 2020, the HTRP Server was launched. The HTRP Discord Server now has over 30,000 players. Aditya Sawant, also known as Dynamo Gaming in India, is the owner of the Hydra Town Roleplay Server. HTRP is one of the GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers to play GTA RP in India.

GTA RP Indian Servers

How to join HTRP Server:

  • Fill the From official form of HTRP Server
  • Fill the details
  • Add a backstory for your character
  • Then Click next and give answers of basic RP related questions
  • Then wait for the personal Interview call from Team HTRP

NoPixel India – Best Servers of GTA RP India

Nopixel is the greatest FiveM Roleplay Server in the world. Anyone who plays or streams GTA 5 Roleplay has undoubtedly heard about Nopixel GTA 5 RP Server. The popularity of the Nopixel Server can be attributed to the fact that it features only high-quality roleplaying with notable Twitch and Youtube streamers such as xQcOW, Shroud, Pokimane, Summit1g, Sykkuno, valkyrae, and others. Koil is the creator and lead developer of the Nopixel roleplaying server, as well as a Twitch streamer with over 380K followers. He frequently enters the server as a cop character. Currently No Pixel is one of the best server to play GTA RP in India.

Previously, the Roleplay Server’s capacity was 32 people, but now 100 players can play on the Nopixel 3.0 Roleplay Server at the same time. In September of 2018, Nopixel Server was released. The most recent Nopixel update, “Nopixel 3.0,” was released in February 2021, with over 3000 broadcasters joining the roleplay server.

Click here to join Discord Server of NO PIXEL INDIA

How to Apply NoPixel India :

Players who want access to NoPixel’s GTA RP servers must fill out an application form on the server’s official website.

Players must fill out the form with details on their roleplaying experience. All applicants must answer questions like “what is your definition of roleplay?” and “when do you think is a good moment to break character?”

The application’s second component encourages players to respond to questions in character. They’ll be asked what they plan to accomplish on their first day in Los Santos, as well as a series of gameplay questions like “you’ve discovered what appears to be a random car in the street with a lot of cocaine inside.” “What do you do, and why do you do it?”

The conventional way of whitelisting is currently closed due to the growing popularity of NoPixel. However, whitelisting of donors is still possible. This means that, in addition to the standard application process, players who want to join the server must first give a certain amount of money.

GTA RP Indian Servers

The Legends Roleplay (TLRP) – Best Servers of GTA RP India: GTA RP Indian Servers

The Legends Roleplay India International first non toxic and streamer friendly GTA RP server.

About Server

    Owner – Garuda Gaming [Abhijit]
  • The Legend –
    ShreeMan LegenD
  • Administrator –
    Ameya Yadav, Yuvraj Gaming
  • Development Team –
    Yuvraj Gaming, Panda , Surya Bhai
  • Web & Network –
    Surya Bhai
  • 3D Artist –
    I’m力ANKIT, iMagine Studio, Saurav Gite
  • VFX Artist –
  • Public Relation Team –
    Nikks, Riddhi
  • Supporters Team –
    Sachin, MR.LEGEND, Khubaib, The Trail Legends, Spider Gaming

Indian RolePlay Server (IRPS) – Best Servers of GTA RP India: GTA RP Indian Servers

With over 2.4k users and more joining every day, this is a relatively new GTA 5 RP server that is swiftly expanding in popularity.

IRPS is a busy server that appears to be promising, with a crew that claims to take roleplaying seriously. There aren’t many well-known streamers on this server, but it’s a decent option for people who want to roleplay for fun.

Exo Life RP – Best Servers of GTA RP India: GTA RP Indian Servers

Exo Life is a GTA 5 Roleplay Server that was launched on June 26th, 2020 in India. The proprietor of this server is Shushant Sharma (also known as Shunick), a UI designer by profession who lives in Delhi. Many Streamers such as Shreeman Legend, Dynamo Gaming, Rakazone Gaming, Bloodline, Prateek Yt, Unreal Yt(The Manager of Exo Life Server), Kegg, Jimmy Gaming, and others have played on this server, and some of them are still playing. Exo life Rp Server is among one of the top Indian GTA RP server The Best Servers 2023.

This server began with only 22 slots and 5 members, but now it has 200+ daily players, 500+ player databases, and 20 team members. Shushant claims that Hemant Sawant, a professional photographer and streamer, assists him much in attracting players to the server. When Shreeman Legend began playing on Exo Life Server, it gained notoriety.

How to apply Exo Life RP :

To join this server, you must be 18 years old or older and have a basic understanding of roleplaying. To play on this server, you must first complete the following steps:

  • Exo Life has a Discord server that you can join.
  • Now, in the Applications section, select “Whitelist-application.”
  • Click here to fill out the Whitelist application form or click here to fill out the Whitelist application form.
  • Now you must enter some basic information, such as your email address, Discord ID, age, and stream ID, and then click the Submit button.
  • Any member of the staff will respond to you within 7 days and conduct an interview with you.
  • When your application is approved, you will be notified.

So these are some of the best or you can say top GTA RP (Grand Theft Auto Roleplay) Servers of india where you can join and do RP. All of these servers are very strict about their Rules of RP so before joining the server Read all the rules Carefully

GTA 5 RP: The Best Servers in 2023

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