GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Stephens “Vanny Stephens”

GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Stephens “Vanny Stephens”

GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Stephens "Vanny Stephens"

GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Stephens “Vanny Stephens” (Image via GTA RP Servers)

One of the best aspects of GTA 5 RP is that it allows players to play female characters, which is quite unlike all the other GTA games that have male playable protagonists only. Hence, both male and female gamers can enjoy the game, creating a unique character of their choice.

Vanessa Stephens “Vanny Stephens” is a GTA 5 RP player who streams the game regularly on her channel Vanny Live. Vanessa talks about her interest in PC games, the ongoing AMD Streamer Quest with Windows 11 and Xbox Game Pass organized by The Esports Club, Valorant’s popularity in the country, and more.

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Vanny’s take on GTA 5 RP and more

What inspired you to become a content creator? What is your resolution when it comes to making your channel grow in 2022?

Vanessa: I have always enjoyed playing games on my PC. I was into a lot of story mode games and got into FPS games when I started grinding Apex Legends. I felt like I played for so many hours tirelessly, so I might as well start streaming. As far as resolutions, I do not have many, just one thing that I truly stick by is staying consistent, working hard, and interacting in a pleasant way with my audience.

GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Stephens “Vanny Stephens”

Since your channel revolves around GTA 5 RP, what is it about the game that you like the most? Which server is your go-to choice when it comes to GTA 5 RP?

Vanessa: I am relatively new to GTA 5 RP, I was an Apex Legends streamer for a year so it was quite a different experience. I found it refreshing and new. Interacting with a new community in gaming was also fun and helped me expand my channel beyond the Apex Legends community. My go-to server in GTA 5 RP is NOPIXEL INDIA and I love playing on it as all the players mostly stick by the rules of GTA 5 RP and the Admins are amazing.

Since GTA has always been criticized for its portrayal of women, what changes would you like Rockstar Games to implement with regards to empowering female characters in GTA 6?

Vanessa: I think it is very important to have female characters that are strong-minded and have their own standing, I think that will definitely empower women and make GTA 6 more relevant and current. Also, in GTA 5 RP, I make it a point that the female I play is a strong, mature, independent, and sensible girl.

GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Stephens “Vanny Stephens”

Aside from GTA RP, you also enjoy Valorant from time to time. What do you think contributed to the growth of the battle royale game in India?

Vanessa: As a country, we are very competitive in nature and that reflects on how well battle royale is received by our audience. I think that a very competitive nature is a contributing factor towards the growth of battle royale games in India.

GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Stephens “Vanny Stephens”

Considering the massive popularity of battle royale mobile games in India, do you feel that Valorant would be more successful if Riot Games releases a mobile version of it?

Vanessa: Honestly, I feel like a lot of CS:GO players have made a shift to Valorant, including professionals, so I feel that the community is very strong on PC gaming along with its audience. Valorant’s success will not be affected by a mobile version of it as it already has a loyal and huge fan base which goes back to the CS:GO days.

AMD, with Windows 11 and Xbox Game Pass, is presenting a tournament called Streamer Quest, organized by The Esports Club.

Vanessa: This is my first gaming event and it has been such a fun experience so far. The most memorable experience is getting the opportunity to interact with such amazing streamers.

GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Vanny Stephens

Out of 30 streamers participating in the competition, 11 are women. Do you feel that this is a positive step towards including more female players in tournaments like these?

Vanessa: Absolutely! It is a very positive change towards female gamers in the country. One of the teams even has a female Captain! I think this is going to encourage a lot of female streamers to put themselves out there and expand in gaming.

The tournament is powered by Xbox Game Pass, which has a wide range of games to choose from. Out of these PC games, which ones do you enjoy playing the most?

Vanessa: I personally am enjoying Halo Infinite a lot because I used to play Apex Legends, so it feels similar in some aspects. Halo Infinite has been the most fun game so far!

Being a female gamer, how difficult is it for a woman to establish her career in a male-dominated profession like gaming?

Vanessa: I think there are pros and cons in every field. It is a little hard to be taken seriously sometimes, even if you are knowledgeable and work hard. However, there are a lot of people who encourage and support female streamers. In my experience, I have come across some really nice streamers who support female streamers in the gaming community.

Since Women’s Day was celebrated a few days ago, in what ways do you feel that women in gaming can be celebrated more?

Vanessa: I think just being given the opportunity to be supported and respected for all the hard work all female streamers put in is a wonderful way to celebrate women in gaming.

GTA 5 RP streamer Vanessa Stephens “Vanny Stephens”

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