GTA 5 streamer HutchMF: GTA RP characters, cars, mods, and more

GTA 5 RP streamer HutchMF: GTA RP characters, cars, mods, and more

GTA 5 streamer HutchMF: GTA RP characters, cars, mods, and more

GTA 5 RP streamer HutchMF (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA RP is a multiplayer mod of GTA 5 made possible by FiveM. It allows for isolated customizable servers, each with their own theme and rules. NoPixel is by far the most popular one in the English-speaking world.

The sole purpose of GTA RP is roleplaying, and this involves creating unique and memorable characters. Bryce “HutchMF” Hutchinson is a popular streamer who roleplays a few interesting characters in GTA RP.

It is frequented by some of the most popular streamers, and as such, gets an insane amount of views. HutchMF also streams GTA RP on NoPixel, and this article contains everything players need to know about him.

GTA 5 streamer HutchMF

GTA RP NoPixel: All you need to know about HutchMF’s streams on the popular RP server

Streamer bio

Bryce Hutchinson, better known as HutchMF, is a professional minor league baseball player for the Chicago White Sox. He has around 195k followers on Twitch and is mainly known for his GTA RP Servers streams.

Most viewers associate HutchMF with Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar as the two streamers are often seen together on NoPixel. HutchMF was recently banned for apparently violating the Death RP rules in NoPixel. Summit1g expressed his dissatisfaction with the incident as he found it to be an unfair and rushed decision.

Characters, cars and more

HutchMF is mostly known for his current persona Hutch Hutcherson on GTA RP NoPixel. However, he has also played other characters such as:

  • Jaryd Peak – A Solo Cadet for the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Drew Harrison – Drew “Dead Eye” Harrison was the last leader of the East Side Ballas.
  • Hutch Hendrickson – Hutch “The Reaper” Hendrickson was one of the best shooters of the Misfits.

Hutch Hutchinson is a Chang Gang member and is referred to as a Chang Gang Associate on occasion. He loves cars and his favorite is the 2020 Ford Mustang, which he also owns in real life. Hutch is also renowned as a race organizer in the underground racing scene.

He is not known for using any distinct mods in his streams. xQc, for example, uses the NaturalVision Evolved graphics mod. Hutch has a strong desire to stand out from the crowd at all times. This is evident by occasions when he dresses in towels and wears nothing but shorts, warping his face to make his features stand out more.

Mr K and Vinny Pistone officially recognized Hutcherson as a Chang Gang Associate on February 22, 2021. Charles Johnson, a well-known Chang Gang member, is a close friend of his, and he organizes and participates in racing with him.

GTA 5 RP streamer HutchMF: GTA RP characters, cars, mods, and more

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