GTA 5 streamer Loud Coringa: Age, bio, viewership and more

GTA 5 streamer Loud Coringa: Age, bio, viewership and more

GTA 5 streamer Loud Coringa: Age, bio, viewership and more

Loud Coringa is the fastest growing streamer on Twitch in August 2021 (image via Youtube)

GTA 5 RP has reached international audiences and is gaining popularity in regions like Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

Brazilian streamer Loud Coringa recently claimed the fastest growing GTA RP Download channel on Twitch in the month of August, with his channel gaining 179,794 followers, making his followers count swell to 2.3 million.

This article has everything you need to know about Loud Coringa.


Loud Coringa’s real name is Victor Augusto, he is currently 22 years old and lives in Brazil.

Victor grew up in Minas Grerais, a state in South Brazil. He had a fairly normal life with wealthy parents and a loving family.

His life changed when he joined LOUD, Brazil’s biggest e-sports organization and started playing competitive esports. Victor competed for a while before retiring.

After his esports retirement, he stayed in LOUD as a content creator and created his YouTube channel in 2019, playing games like Gareena Free Fire. His YouTube channel has a subscriber base of 5.57 million as of 2021.

Loud Coringa recently made a move to Twitch where he started streaming GTA RP and quickly gained a massive following on the platform.

GTA RP Viewership

GTA 5 streamer Loud Coringa has an extremely active subscriber fan base on Twitch with all of his GTA RP streams getting around 200,000 views.

His channel has also ammased 13,422,971 hours of total watchtime in the past 90 days alone. It is safe to say that his Twitch channel is booming right now.

Coringa’s YouTube channel gets around 400,000 views per upload with his popular videos having around 800,000 views.

His YouTube performance has clearly suffered as he is building a fanbase on Twitch.


According to SocialBlade, Loud Coringa makes between $862 to $13,800 a month from his YouTube channel. This is very little for a channel that has 5.57 million subscribers.

However, he seems to be making a lot more money from GTA RP streams on Twitch as he gets paid via donations and subscriptions there.

Twitch earnings cannot be calculated as the relevant data isn’t available but it definitely is more than his YouTube earnings.

He is also partnered with LOUD, which gives him a decent amount of money for his work on YouTube and Twitch.

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GTA 5 streamer Loud Coringa: Age, bio, viewership and more

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