GTA 6: Announcement in 2022

GTA 6: Announcement in 2022 Why fans anticipate a GTA 6 announcement

GTA 6: Announcement in 2022

Será que a Rockstar finalmente anunciará o próximo jogo grand theft auto este ano? (Imagem via GTA GTA RP Servers)

With the new year comes new hopes for GTA 6 fans. Although Rockstar Games has provided alternatives like new online content and the Definitive Edition Trilogy, players would still prefer a new entry in the franchise instead.

GTA 6 is getting closer and a leaker reveals when the announcement and release can be expected. For fans, the forecast is a reason to celebrate.

  • When Rockstar releases the first information about GTA 6, the champagne corks pop. (Source: Rockstar Games)
  • Rockstar is set to announce GTA 6 in 2022.

They are hopeful of getting some sort of official announcement this year regarding the game’s release. This article investigates why fans expect this and whether or not this expectation is reasonable.

GTA 6: Announcement in 2022

Is it fair to assume that Rockstar will announce GTA 6 in 2022?

Latest information regarding the game

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will be delighted to learn that several sources point to a 2022 announcement for GTA 6. To begin with, TezFunz2, one of the most reputable informants for anything related to Rockstar, believes that this could indeed be the year for the major reveal.

Here is the discussion on GTAForums where he explains so. Although it isn’t a solid lead, TezFunz2’s predictions usually come true. As expected, the community has been divided regarding this. While some believe this could be possible, others don’t.

Another reputed video game informant, AccountNGT, has also shared his opinion regarding the game, predicting that it will be released for the current console generation.

These two are so far the only significant sources that have expressed a belief that Rockstar will announce a new Grand Theft Auto title in 2022. On the other hand, Tom Henderson and Jason Schreier have been remarkably silent regarding GTA 6.

They had become trustworthy sources of information for the game since Henderson started leaking several details regarding the title last year. However, they haven’t followed up with any more information since then.

GTA 6: Announcement in 2022

GTA 6 anniversary release?

When the announcement was made, he was pretty sure. According to him, fans can expect the release in 2023. Of course, nothing is certain here, but official confirmation and initial information about the successor to GTA 5 are long overdue. After all, Rockstar first released GTA 5 in 2013. It would be fitting if the publisher launched GTA 6 ten years later.

GTA 6: logos and covers from fans

Fans have created awesome logos, posters and covers for GTA 6. Here you can see them on screenshots.

GTA 6: Announcement in 2022

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