5 ways in which GTA 6 can make Vice City differ from the 3D version

5 ways in which GTA 6 can make Vice City differ from the 3D version

5 ways in which GTA 6 can make Vice City differ from the 3D version

GTA 6 is supposedly going to be set in Vice City (Image via dexerto)

Rockstar Games’ upcoming GTA game, supposedly named Grand Theft Auto 6, has been quiet in talks since its confirmation by the developers in February 2022.

There are a plethora of rumors and leaks related to the game that are available on the internet. One such popular remour is the possibility of returning to Vice City. Also known as the City of Fallen Angels, it was featured in the Grand Theft Auto series and mimicked the city of Miami, Florida.

To this date, fans can enjoy GTA Vice City due to its iconic location. If GTA 6 is indeed going to be set in Vice City again, let’s learn how Rockstar can make it different from the earlier 3D versions.

5 ways how GTA 6 can improve upon Vice City’s map

1) More areas of interest

Vice City takes heavy inspiration from Miami, Florida. Rockstar Games can further expand upon the adaptation of real-life cities by introducing several new areas of interest.

Miami city has various famous amusement parks, race tracks, and stadiums that can be introduced with the Vice City map, giving players an added immersion into the digital world. Likewise, the game can also introduce smaller islands in the south direction referencing South America, adding more locations for the players to explore.

2) Bigger map size

The original map of GTA Vice City is much smaller compared to Los Santos in the latest game.

Rockstar can introduce Vice City again by increasing the overall size of the map, perhaps even more than Los Santos. While some players like the size of the Vice City as it was previously, a bigger map size will definitely give players new areas to explore, which adds to the gameplay elements.

Developers can include three islands in the upcoming game instead of two in the 3D Universe’s Vice City.

3) Underwater elements

Vice City in the 3D universe has some restrictions when it comes to underwater elements. Players cannot swim in GTA Vice City and can barely survive in Vice City Stories (VCS). Even the Definitive Edition has no water interaction.

Rockstar can introduce underwater elements in the upcoming game, just like San Andreas and the latest Grand Theft Auto 5. This will add to the overall immersion of the world and give players a chance to interact with various sea creatures as well as some hidden treasures if developers decide to include them.

4) Gator Keys

The original Vice City map was reportedly going to have an unreleased Gator Keys area. The area was supposedly going to include a chain of small islands and would have been a swampy area.

Rockstar can re-introduce the concept. Gator Keys would allow for a more natural landscape in the upcoming game, allowing players to have a somewhat different experience from the previous Vice City.

Exploring a dark swamp with the threat of dangerous wildlife is one such experience that GTA 6 can thrive upon.

5) Updated graphics & gameplay

Lastly, the Vice City map can look much better with the updated modern-day graphics as well as the gameplay elements.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has introduced some of the best gameplay features, including weapon selection wheels. These new mechanisms can surely add to the enjoyable experience in Vice City. GTA 6 will undoubtedly take full advantage of the new-gen consoles and their Ray tracing capabilities.

Visiting the Vice City map once again but in 4K textures will surely be a huge leap from the previously featured map and its areas.

To conclude, Rockstar Games never shies away from introducing old maps in new games with added elements. Vice City is one such city that is long overdue since VCS and fans can expect the next game to introduce it once again.

Despite all the rumors, leaks, and expectations, players are advised to wait for an official confirmation from Rockstar itself as we are heading towards a possible 2023-2024 release date for the game.

5 ways in which GTA 6 can make Vice City differ from the 3D version

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