GTA 6 could be announced this month (November 2022)?

GTA 6 could be announced this month (November 2022)?

GTA 6 could be announced this month (November 2022)?

GTA 6 could be announced this month (November 2022)? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 6 speculations are in full swing, and fans are eager to get a good look at the upcoming title. While Rockstar Games has assured fans that the game is still being developed, the company is yet to announce a release date.

However, new rumors about GTA 6‘s possible release date have emerged online. Although the reports have not been confirmed, many fans and popular media outlets are discussing the matter.

Take Two document may have leaked GTA 6 announcement.

GTA 6 announcement.

GTA 6 announcement. (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 6 is the most anticipated game release in history, for the simple fact that no one knows when it will be released and for the years of distance to GTA V. For years, GTA fans and experts have been nibbling away at bits and pieces of leaks, rumors, and theories about what the sixth game would look like and when it would be released. Recently, a giant leak of gameplay videos from GTA 6 confirmed that the game is closer than ever.

Although there is still no official confirmation on the status of GTA 6, fans now believe they may have received their best hint as to when the game will be released In the last few hours an alleged document from Take Two, owner of Rockstar Games, has begun circulating on social media where some information about the Grand Theft Auto franchise is revealed, as well as the supposed announcement date for GTA 6.

Rumors say Rockstar Games could reveal GTA 6 on November 28, 2022

Rumors say Rockstar Games could reveal GTA 6 on November 28, 2022

A screenshot of the news from the Express website

Popular UK-based media outlet Daily Express published a report on their digital platform mentioning the possible release date of Grand Theft Auto 6.

According to the report, Rockstar Games could reveal the next installment on November 28, 2022, which also happens to be the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

The first Grand Theft Auto game was released on November 28, 1997, and will celebrate its silver anniversary this year. The report goes on to say:

“It’s the kind of landmark anniversary that deserves to be acknowledged, and what better way than with a first look at GTA 6.”

Grand Theft Auto 1 was first released on MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows platforms, and the PlayStation 1 version was released on December 12 of the same year. According to the report, these two key dates are significant for Rockstar Games, and the new game reveal could occur during that period.

It added that the 2022 Game Awards are scheduled for December 8, and Rockstar Games could reveal Grand Theft Auto 6 during the event.

Official Game Development Announcement

Rockstar Games officially announced the game’s development process on February 4, 2022. On September 19, 2022, it assured fans that the development process was still in full swing.

On November 1, 2022, popular game data miner Tez2 revealed that GTA 6 could be announced as a community update following the ongoing Heists Event in Grand Theft Auto Online.

A screenshot of Tez2's post on GTA Forums

A screenshot of Tez2’s post on GTA Forums (image via GTA Forums)

After considering all the available information and rumors, fans are optimistic that Rockstar Games will finally reveal the game between November and December.

GTA 6 could be announced this month (November 2022)?

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