GTA 6 is coming to elevate the players’ experience to a new level of fun and immersion.


GTA fans are eager to explore a fictional new city, filled with life, possibilities and, of course, chaos. Although the official details are kept secret by Rockstar, some information and rumors have surfaced, further fueling the curiosity of players. From the choice of the city, which is speculated to be Vice City or an enlarged and enhanced version of Liberty City, to the engaging plot and full of twists, GTA 6 is expected to be a true narrative masterpiece.

In this article, we will explore all the confirmed details about the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI, bringing exclusive information that will surely make fans and enthusiasts of the game even more eager for its release.

In his latest video the Brazilian insider SanInPlay shows all the confirmed details of GTA 6:

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Mechanics and New Combat Features


One of the areas in which GTA 6 promises to bring significant improvements is combat. Players can expect a more fluid and realistic combat system, with new movement mechanics that bring greater control over the character’s actions. Now you’ll be able to crouch down to protect yourself from gunfire or surprise enemies with sneak attacks. In addition, the roofing system has also received improvements, making it more realistic and smooth, allowing for more natural and strategic transitions between roofs.

An exciting addition is the ability to lie on the ground and crawl, offering a new layer of stealth and tactics during missions or intense confrontations. The character’s reactivity towards the situations that occur in the game has also been enhanced, allowing for more realistic and adaptive responses to the circumstances. With these improvements, the combat experience in GTA 6 promises to be more immersive, challenging and exciting than ever.

Rockstar Games Investing Strongly in AI in Grand Theft Auto VI


GTA 6 features an impressive improvement in the artificial intelligence of the NPCs, offering a more immersive and realistic experience. Unlike in GTA 5, where NPCs often seemed indifferent in the midst of gunfights, in this new title they react more dynamically and responsively to the situations that unfold in the game. An example of this is in combat with the police, where NPCs hide behind patrol vehicles and prioritize face protection, often firing their weapons with their faces covered to avoid being shot. This contrasts with GTA 5, where the cops seemed almost superhuman, being able to track the player anywhere regardless of their defensive tactics. In addition, the common NPCs also demonstrate much more realistic reactions.

For example, in a restaurant robbery scene, you can see the terror stamped on their faces and body expressions. However, when the police arrive, a sense of relief is noticeable, showing that they are confident that the situation will be resolved as quickly as possible. This improvement in the artificial intelligence of the NPCs contributes to a more immersive game experience, where the characters in the virtual world act in a way that is authentic and consistent with the situations occurring around them.

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